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Christina shares her wisdom around finding yourself as an artist, ignoring the haters, and adjusting to the life of a successful artist.

Topics include: Demanding schedules • Journal • Overcoming criticism • Perfectionism


Christina shares her wisdom around finding yourself as an artist, ignoring the haters, and adjusting to the life of a successful artist.

Topics include: Demanding schedules • Journal • Overcoming criticism • Perfectionism

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Get ready for no sleep because it's going to happen. Your work schedule will be all over the place. There's never a full set schedule when you're an entertainer. It's just things come up, gigs come up, and you gotta roll with it. I remember on my first record being introduced to this business and the whirlwind of my first record being a success and taking off. It was just like boom. It's that jolt of like OK, here we go. Before you even know it's happening it's like you're booked here and here and here and demands like all over the world internationally. I get nauseous when I'm jet-lagged, so it takes a moment for your body to really adjust to that kind of a lifestyle and that kind of a schedule. And it's hard, and getting no sleep and having to perform-- it's tough. And there's no two ways about it. It's a bitch, and nobody likes it, but it happens. You have to learn how to adjust your body and roll with it, and this is a lesson that you might learn oh, maybe I shouldn't have stayed up that late. Maybe I shouldn't have drank that extra coffee after dinner. You got to get tips from those around you maybe to get to know your body and how it reacts to that. But just be prepared that sleep is something that will not come easy. So my ultimate advice through whatever you're going through as you're learning, as you're growing, as you maturing into your artistry from get-go just keep a journal. Keep pages of notes and thoughts and feelings, even if it's a little handheld notebook. Jot things down that make you feel something, feel anything. But the more you write to yourself, the more you come home from a long day and you have an emotional day, it doesn't have to be in poem form or lyric form or anything perfect, just write to yourself. Write your stories as you go. if it was a bad day, if it was a great day, anything that moved you or penetrated you or made you feel something, if it angered you, write all of it down to yourself and this will become your center and your foundation for the artist that you're building in your journey. Research things. Be interested. Watch old movies. Watch old singers, the way they move, the sound and textures on an old record, how it scratches, how it feels. Get in to all of that. Just be a student and just be a sponge. Learn, learn, lean. Take it all in. Your instinct and your gut will be able to filter out what you don't need and what you do need because I believe that everything happens for a reason will stay with you. And it's so important I have diary entries and things for ideas of songs even to this day from my first album and reflecting on that and looking back. It's so important to keep in touch with yourself. If you're out there and you're faced with sort of being forced to do records you don't want to do-- I was 17 at the time when this was happening-- 16, 17, so I was still developin...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I improved my voice skills and found new goal! Thank you from my heart.

Can't wait to hopefully reach my goals as an artist by taking in all the knowledge I possibly can from your lessons!!!!

Christina Aguilera is a well of wisdom. Not only is she technically impeccable, she is also an inspiring person, especially when she shows how beautiful imperfections can be.

For me has been an amazing process to discover so many things and also find my own voice, textures and can improve my way of singing. I definitly recomend this masterclass!



Beautiful video. I'm not a singer, but I'm trying to sound like a singer on my instrument more and more each day. No matter your instrument, musicians clearly all face similar challenges. Each one of these videos is a gift. Thanks Christina

Brenda M.

I realize that this is another weakness for me and I am so glad she addresses it in this lesson. Her choice to make this an actual topic is so unique. I dont think I have ever heard anyone give this matter real consideration. I really do appreciate this section.

Hayley I.

As someone who grew up in a small, judgemental town with no one with a music background in the family, it was really hard for me to sing or write anything without being criticized for everything. It made it really hard to think I could do anything with music. This made me feel a lot better about it!

Maximiliano J.

Gracias Christina. Eres una excelente comunicadora. Aprendí muchas cosas muy buenas. Que Dios bendiga tu trabajo y vida.

David B.

It really struck home about the young artists' confidence levels. I've started to work with new and upcoming artists in the studio . . . very fragile and hard on themselves when things don't go right or when they struggle with a part. One young lady I've started working with says that she pretends she is confident and that helps her, which I think is a good start. However, when it comes down to the real deal, it's another matter. I tell my clients that the things they struggle with the most are probably going to become their strong points later on but they need to persevere and take joy in dealing with the challenges. Christina deals with this issue in a very matter of fact and encouraging way. If all of my young and upcoming clients would take this course, it would save me a lot of breath in the studio and in rehearsals. Brilliant. Thank you Christina. dcb

Rachel M.

Thanks for this bit. As a writer/audio/video editor (and sometimes singer) I deal with criticism all the time and it's not always constructive. I've even had people point out "mistakes" in my poems that were actually intentional (such as the meter changing in one line), or not getting a reference and thus not understanding the poem at all. Sometimes it is helpful though like one editor who rejected a short story of mine, but then told me the specific reason and I realized, "Oh my gosh, that sort of change WOULD make it better." I guess it's just about taking the helpful criticism and ignoring the unhelpful ones that can make you self-confident without becoming egotistical.

Rachel M.

That's true about artists getting no sleep. Just being an indie podcaster plus YouTube voice actor plus creative writer is hard to juggle enough with my day job. When I'm not at work I'm creating something, and I don't even have to be, all that is self-employment but it's more than a job, it's a way of life.

A fellow student

I really enjoy songwriting. These lessons will let me enjoy song singing. Being a tunesmith is fun and now I can plan to share my talent on a stage. Thank you Christina.

timothy M.

This lesson was the most inspirational advice ever giving to me. I felt as if the Gods were standing on a mountain and looking down and they were saying just be you. Thanks for the low down hoe down love and inspiration.

Jonathan S.

Again, she's clearly a master! About the haters: After I got my first techno-thriller novel into some acquaintances' hands, a few comments came back that they didn't understand the technologies, even though I had gone to great lengths to make things clear. My girlfriend said, "Well, they're not your audience." And I thought, "Yeah, she's right." It occurred to me that when people order steak in a restaurant, does the chef go back into the kitchen and weep because the customers don't order the fish? No. That's why there are many items on a menu. Different people have different tastes. As a performer, maybe you're the fish, and some people are going to want the steak. Just take the audience you get and be glad you're working.