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Mastering Vocal Techniques

Christina Aguilera

Lesson time 12:34 min

Harmony. Belting. Vibrato. Slides. Master these vocal techniques as Christina breaks them down for you step-by-step.

Christina Aguilera
Teaches Singing
Christina teaches you her unique vocal techniques in over 3.5 hours of voice lessons and exercises.
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Technique versus soul. So, technique versus truth. It's a weird balance. But you know, and that's why it's so important that you know yourself, and you know where you like to feel things from, because it's a balance. It's a balance that you have to find. I didn't have any technical training growing up. So I can't tell you all the technical terms that are used in relaying music, or talking music sheets and notes and things like that. You know, somebody told me the word "melisma" the other day-- I didn't even know what that was. I do my thing, and I feel my thing, and it becomes what it is. And those are the kind of singers that I love. So if everybody went to the same vocal teacher, and learned the same notes, and how to sing so proper-- you're losing the truth in there. And that's why sometimes I don't like to be too over-rehearsed and whatnot going into a live show, or watch myself back and critique myself too hard, is because it's so important for me to live in that moment, and to feel my truth, and to own it. People sometimes think that belting means being a great technical singer, and being able to hit certain notes, and all of that. But to me, being boisterous, and being able to belt, and be loud in that way, but in a controlled way if you want to sustain and hold out a note in the right key, on the right pitch, in the right tone that you're looking for, which are three different things that have to combine into one-- it's something that comes from your gut. And it's something that you have to start from here, with your breath, centering yourself, knowing how to stand firm in your two feet. There's a stance that happens when you're in the studio, even, and I'm prepping up, and I know this big note is coming. When Whitney Houston sings "I Will Always Love You"-- And I will always love you. And then she goes back into that belt, like that? That takes power. That takes focus, it really does, to stay on that note to keep your power going. And it's all a centering thing. It's mental, it's all connected. You can't just sing from your head, being in [? there, ?] like, oh, let me memorize the song and sing from there-- it has to come from down here. And it has to come from that place of feeling, to exude the power that you need, if belting is your thing, to be a belter. For anything that you sing, really, but belting is power. And it comes from the soul, and for me, it comes from my gut. Vibrato comes in all different shapes, sizes, and textures, and tones, and to each their own on this one. I'm not one to technically critique somebody's style of vibrato unless it's wavering and uneven. But stylistically, sometimes it's more of a quivery vibrato. And I'm saying-- like that, that's not always my form of vibrato. I think whenever you're using almost a quiet tone vibrato, it's setting a mood. You're setting an ...

Your New Voice Teacher

Christina Aguilera teaches you how to expand your range, find your voice, and master the techniques that have earned her five Grammy Awards. In her first-ever online singing class, you’ll learn warm-up exercises, breath control, vibrato, her signature growls, and hear Christina break down her biggest hits. You’ve never had vocal lessons like this before.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I didnt learn much about singing techniques or anything that I was hoping for. But it was interesting to see her take on the industry and hear her talk about things like what it's like to be in the music industry.

I liked the combination of practical advice on how to find your own voice and channel your vulnerability when you perform.

It's wonderful and compact. Got the different aspects of a performer and performance and the preparatory works. Thanks Christina for this Masterclass.

Not only has Christina given me insight and tips to help me grow as a singer, but she has also given me strength to grow in my career. Thank you.


Pat E.

Unfortunately, I tuned out the minute she said: "Oh, well I never had any formal training so I don't know what of the technical terms are." Then she tried to explain that she uses her DIAPHRAM to belt out the long, strong notes. Frankly, she seemed to get dumber after the first Student Sessions. I didn't even finish this one.

Jade O.

I've seen a lot of comments down below saying that CA doesn't actually expand on what shes talking about, especially in a technical sense. I think what's important to remember here, when listening to her, is that she JUST SINGS. Even when she is just noodling and doing an example - she is always on point. This is incredibly important. Technique is only a quarter of the battle. If we didn't have the heart, why would we sing? Honestly, I'm a professional singer who's full time job it is to sing and I've lost my voice (the soul, the voice itself is fine) and CAs lesson has helped me to re-learn how to JUST FRIGGEN SING. From your heart!


She never explains what she describes. This masterclass seems like an opportunity for her to talk about herself. Most said word in all the lessons so far: "I".

Cynthia S.

Yes! These are the kind of lessons that you don't learn when you get a music degree in vocal performance...Seriously people--do not take these lessons for granted! Her soulful, mindful approach is opposite of what a traditional classical-based music teacher will teach you. I went from chorus opera company soprano to rock band & jazz singer, and I'm so humbled to throw out all my training for a minute and get back to the soulful, grounded place of why I began singing in the first place. Singing should first and foremost be a genuine outpouring of the soul. Some technique is important: Learn how to properly manage your breath (get a vocal coach for this). Learn how to sing on key (record yourself singing along to songs and review them for pitch accuracy) but beyond that, for singing in pop/rock/jazz styles, it comes down to being truly inspired by the emotion the singer is expressing, and deeply connecting to it...It must come from a place of honesty before technicality. Thank you, Christina! <3

Diomidis M.

vibrato & slides in a well known Greek pop song with a beautiful melody and nice rhythm, I really love it. You can google translate the lyrics. I think it's a great opportunity for you all to listen to something different from what you are used to and maybe get inspired. enjoy!

Thomas J.

Too much theory, which is brilliant but not helping with any takeaway lessons to work on. What a wonderful voice though. CA is so special.

Elizabeth L.

I like this lesson because I'm here to know what's going on Christina Aguilera's head, not someone else's. How does she approach singing being who she is (as an accomplished and successful performer). If I wanted to learn the basics, I'd turn to YouTube. I wouldn't want to waste the time of such an established singer with a task anyone can teach. What Masterclass is doing with all these professionals is unlocking the inner workings of the elite in every background.

Theodor K.

What people don't understand from these Masterclasses is that these are professionals, not necessarily teachers. You have to know what to look for and try to understand them in the context of their profession, and when you do, it unlocks a whole world of inspiration and understanding. If you want to be hand-held, you go to a school. If you want to take it to the skies, you open your mind and learn from the best. Once you become a professional, you drop regular theory and start learning from the successful professional and take what you can and need to better inspire yourself in which your typical school can't teach you. Learning from professionals, just like you would networking in your career, is a different process. It's learning to take advice seriously and compare it to their professional context, but not hold it as gospel. If you can't find value in hours of content of a world renown artist like Christina, how are you going to be inspired by your own colleagues or 5-15 minutes when you meet your most respected hero? These videos might not be structured like a class, but they're are dense with information. I'm wasn't a big fan of her music and less of a fan of the genre, but I'm learning so much and respect her so much more.

A fellow student

I like this master class. I have read a lot of comments below. I think that if u do have vocal knowledge, you won't come to Christina Aguilera for "techniques". It's kinda funny when people expect to learn "proper techniques" from her because obviously she is never a "technically perfect" singer. She admits herself she does not play by the rules. Do you even listen to her records and watch her live? She is full of "improper" placement, "tension", cracks etc If you are a vocally educated singer/coach why would you even come to her for a "technique master."? In contrast, I really appreciate her insights, her tastes, and her presence and I find a lot of her ideas, tips useful. I won't call this master class a rip-off cuz it's not. It just does not focus on techniques that you can learn from so many other vocal coaches!!!

Launa B.

As a vocal coach (for the past 30+ years) I have to admit that this Master Class offers very little instruction and details on how to perform techniques and such. Although I respect Christina's talents as a singer and performer, she is not a teacher. (sorry) She does offer insights on what it takes to be a performer. Something I have stressed upon all of my students over the years. You need the proper tools (techniques) to sustain your vocal instrument, while finding your own sound and style. I too create custom CDs for warm ups for all of my students. A very important tool for maintaining your chops. -Thank you