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Christina Aguilera

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Expand your vocal range with Christina. Learn her secrets for nailing those high notes and building your range. Use the Range Finder tool at the end of the lesson to put into practice what you've learned.

Christina Aguilera
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Christina teaches you her unique vocal techniques in over 3.5 hours of voice lessons and exercises.
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Every singer's main concern is how do I build my range? How do I hit higher notes? The real simple, basic answer to that is you gotta practice. You really have to know how to just try and experiment. Know where your comfort zone lies and then try to grow from there. And that's through, as I say, listen to singers, listen to different styles, listen and try out different things that your voice might be capable of doing. Singing along with singers always did help me in just seeing how low I could go. But that helps us to see where you're at, what you need to work on, and if there are certain notes you can't hit with some of your favorite singers then maybe you do want to see if a vocal teacher can help you with that. There are certain tricks that do and can help you mentally achieve what you're going for. The question I get asked a lot is how to hit your high notes better, stronger, more impactful. So much really is mental, and the way we start to tense and we think about that high note too much and we think about oh my god, here it's coming, it's coming up, this is a big one. It's a mental game. You kind of have to psych yourself out that you have it and you own it and you have to just again prepare your body for that stance, that confidence that comes from your core, and having the right breath to back it up. During my vocal scales, if you're doing-- Ave Maria. And then say the next note higher-- Ave Maria. Is like the "e," the poignant part, say, in what you're really trying to hit. If you can try an approach that without thinking like, Ave Maria. Like I'm oh, I'm going to go up there right now, if you can almost think of the note prior to it as being your most important note, so-- Ave Maria. If "ma" being the note right before "e," if you can almost think of that being like the most troublesome point and if you nail that then you're golden. It will take the pressure and the strain off of the impact you're going to give that super high note that you're worried about. If you can mentally psych yourself to think of the note right before the high note is the hardest thing you're going to hit. One of the pointers that has helped me sometimes in even being in the recording studio and trying to hit certain high notes is like anything else, like an athlete, like a sport, it's so mental. It really is, even your capability in singing. It's all in sort of how you see things. I knew I was capable of certain notes, but sometimes you're mentally so fatigued or nervous or stressed about hitting it that you don't even allow yourself the opportunity to relax and reach the note because you're compressing and straining your vocal chords thinking about how hard it is to reach. So some of the tips he gave me was as we venture into the higher notes of the scale because this goes actually much higher later on down-- we're not going to go there today, but t...

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Christina Aguilera teaches you how to expand your range, find your voice, and master the techniques that have earned her five Grammy Awards. In her first-ever online singing class, you’ll learn warm-up exercises, breath control, vibrato, her signature growls, and hear Christina break down her biggest hits. You’ve never had vocal lessons like this before.


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I’ve learned a lot about singing and performing! This get me a little closer to where I’m going! Thanks

I love what you teach. I love your energy and your personality. You really mastered your singing techniques. I hope to sing with you one day with my .

It is so important to be authentic with music, and I've been learning that the past 20-something years I've been singing. Thank you Christina!

I only sing for fun, so a lot of this was well beyond what I needed to know, but it was so interesting. I've been a fan for so long!


Jaime L.

The range finder tool doesn't work for me either. I can see that it recognizes my microphone (there's a red button in the tab after I click 'turn on my microphone'. I sing and then nothing happens. I'm using Chrome on a mac, I've tried it with the internal microphone, external microphone (blue yeti), airpods and earpods. My Chrome is up to date. I've tried the link in the pdf as well as copying and pasting as John (Community Moderator) suggested:, I've tried simply as others have suggested and no luck. Does anyone have any tips?

Claudia T.

Hi all, try this for the range finder tool. You might have to open it on Chrome or Firefox I tried it but my mic doesn't work either :( tried both headphones and with my laptop mic. Anyone figure out how to fix that problem?

A fellow student

Same thing here, range finder tool doesn't work. I tried it on my computer and on my phone and get the same error as everyone else

A fellow student

How does she expect us to even hit high notes even though she doesn't give up practice.


the range finder tool doesn't work here, I get a pop up window to remind me of the class and then it goes back to the class.

Himali J.

In the range finder it doesn't pick my voice even though I turned on microphone and i can hear the piano


Hey guys! Great lesson but when i tried to use the range finder, it didn't pick up my voice at all and I turned on the mic and the piano played but it didn't up my voice at all. Any suggestions?

Daniel S.

Guys, I don't seem to have a button to download personally suited exercise track - can someone help, please?

Casee W.

It's not "our" national anthem! Some students on here are not from the US! Otherwise good advice though :)

Mary R.

Lesson is so so good. In going into the pdf to access the Range Finder - the link is not working. Please assist. Many thanks! Exited to try it out.