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Playing With Textures and Tones

Christina Aguilera

Lesson time 15:24 min

Christina demonstrates how to use different textures and tones, from gritty growl to haunting sadness, to emotionally charge a performance.

Christina Aguilera
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For me, I love in the paintbox, right, having a lot of different outlets for creating a mood and an environment. And I call it textures. I even reference the lead singer of Korn. He has a very interesting voice. Bjork. They have so many different colors and textures in their paintboxes where they can just explore a variety of sound. I'll go through my songs. But for instance, "Ain't No Other Man." That's going to call for a big, soulful, juicy, meaty, gritty, fun vocal for me. So it's a matter of the-- (SINGING) Hey. Ain't no other man can stand. And that whole thing projects from down in that place where I say the center and the core and the place where you do crunches from and all your emotion boils and comes together and gets connected. And so that gives you that really grounded foundation to then lift up and out. Everybody has their own tone. My specific tone sometimes is having a-- there's like a real intensity to it. It just comes from a natural place. What I was taught and what I practiced with my vocal lesson-- and there's a specific spot in it where you can hear the vocal teacher's voice saying, OK, bear down on it, but don't hold it in your mouth. Don't hold it there. Relax your mouth. Relax your face. Bear down on it. "Bear down" meaning compress. Compress from below, that same, like, as if you're doing a crunch or a sit-up or something like that. So bear down on it. And literally visualize the note before you sing it. There's one that I do, (SINGING). So it's "lun-gee." And then it goes, (SINGING) Lun-gee. So here's the difference I guess I can see in this one. (SINGING). Now right there, I'm kind of in my nose. I'm doing that eh-eh thing, so (SINGING). Now, if I open up my throat a little and my nose, if I'm visualizing this, (SINGING). It's more muted. Can you see how it's more like-- I don't know. There's a slight difference. I don't even know if it makes sense. But to me, I can feel it when it's more in my throat. You don't want to go in your nose. You have to go from a more throaty point if you want to-- I'm talking up here right now, but if I want to (SINGING) go low, I don't really want to sing in that tone. (SINGING) Go low. To have a nice, rich, bassy tone, you kind of want to throw it back in your throat. I'm almost caving in my chest a little bit. (SINGING) Go low. It's almost hot tea or something going down. It's smooth, just to have that bassy sound. But there's such a difference if I sing it through my nose and don't think about going to my throat. (SINGING) Go low. That would be through my nose. But if I open up my throat and go into my chest, take a bigger breath, so I give myself that expansion and that room to go in, it's almost that place, again, almost like when you're going to yawn. It's like (SINGING). It's almost that. It's exp...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Very neat! I love how we can all chat and get to know one another, I am eager to learn more and get to know others more personally through this class!

This is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much to Christina, to all the musicians and MasterClass Team for making it happen.

I thought this class was fantastic and Christina was amazing. I am not ready to be on stage as yet. I must get a lot of basics down first. I thought there may be more of that but I do understand that she is teaching "performance Prep" not singing basics... It is all Good. Loved it ...thanks

I started this class out of curiosity not as a dedicated fan. By the end of the class I wanted to make Christina my best friend!


Chava G.

Engage the core, good advice and I got a much better, stronger, healthier, more pleasant sound, when utilizing my center. Being made aware to use the intensity of voice with the breath, using air instead of throat force - helps develop altered smoother adlib, texture, tone. Crying, breathy, cracks, quiver, vibrato, are all vehicles to the heart. This is so good Ms Aquilera. and I immediately improved with engagement, exercising, and visualization. Will have to keep working with this class, in fact working this way, works very well for me, so lots of gratitude!

A fellow student

LOVE the lessons but can’t take my mind off of.... WHAT LIPSTICK IS THAT?!? She sings, she talks, she licks her lips and the lipstick won’t budge!!!!! Need it ASAP


I wanted to note: I remember in a past interview when Christina wanted to sing Mulan's "Reflections" she sang "The Star Spangled Banner" in the restroom.

Nastasia M.

LOVE this lesson! So many little details and insight to take from. I'm definitely going to be referring back to this lesson later on.

Raederle P.

My favorite lesson yet in this series. If only we all performed all our work from our gut, from real emotions . . .

Shaunte T.

You’re such a great teacher! So much great descriptive information about singing! It has opened up a whole new world! Thank you!

Natalie F.

Oh my gosh how beautiful! Loved when she said about the quiver used to show a longing and passion.. "Please hear me right now!"


I LOVE how she explains the different emotions, tone and sometimes just the feeling, that helped me so much


WOW< I just had a light go on, the hot tea and Go Low description really got me, Thanks Christina. : )

Eddie V.

Thanks Christina!! That was just what I needed. A deep dive into not just having different textures but the thought process behind using them more effectively. Timing is everything.