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Protecting Your Voice

Your voice is an instrument. Learn to protect it as Christina talks about the top three things to avoid, adjusting to different environments, and cures to heal a strained voice.

Topics include: Supplies • Adjust to environments • Vocal strain


Your voice is an instrument. Learn to protect it as Christina talks about the top three things to avoid, adjusting to different environments, and cures to heal a strained voice.

Topics include: Supplies • Adjust to environments • Vocal strain

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So part of my process before any performance, while I'm in the vocal booth, there's a whole ritual thing that happens with my drinks. And even with interviews sometimes, I'll need my plethora, I call it, of drinks because I need my options. "Options" is a big word with me. So we have hot coffee, hot tea. I'm not a huge fan of Throat Coat. It's great for singers, I hear, not for me. I'm very tea taste picky. So we have my hot coffee, my hot tea, room temperature water, but really cold for after I'm done with a concert and straight off the stage. And during the performance, I'll go through just very quickly, just I need honey ready to go on a plate, already opened, ready-to-go Ricola throat drops. Sometimes I have my throat spray. It's always in the go-to vocal bag. So that's it. That's my weaponry of fuel to perform. So I have a system where I definitely have my side table, and I set it up on a stool. I don't care who sees it from the audience. This is my thing as a vocalist. And it's set off to the side where I literally will just use it during my performances while the audience is watching-- or in between songs, rather, not during the performances. But in between songs, as we're taking a moment and I go on to introduce maybe the next song and when the time feels right, I'll take a little swig of honey, just plain, raw honey. I have it set out on a plate with my throat drops just ready to go, unwrapped. No fiddling, fussing with the wrapper and the paper. Just boom, they're on a plate with the honey, maybe a little spoon on the side. But sometimes there's no time for that and I've just got to use my finger. And room temperature water. There's no time for sipping a hot beverage or a liquid and burning your tongue or whatever it is. You've got to go for the room temperature water. You don't want it too cold because that will tense up your throat. Although, at the end of a performance, give me the cold water. I just need something cold because you're hot. You're sweaty. You're done with the show. You don't have to necessarily have the room temperature anymore because the show's over and you can go ahead and breathe and relax and switch onto whatever other beverage you may want to decompress with. I myself am guilty of being excited for a show. You're in sound check. You're in your comfort zone of your own people behind you-- your band and your dancers-- and you're vibing. And sometimes just getting in that energy field of everybody coming together and doing material that you all love and know, it's a fun thing. There's no audience. There's no kind of pressure. And it's easy to sort of blow out your voice during a sound check because you might get so into it and you're fresh. It's the top of your day, whatever it is. But you've got to be really careful because if you overdo it in a sound check, yo...

Your New Voice Teacher

Christina Aguilera teaches you how to expand your range, find your voice, and master the techniques that have earned her five Grammy Awards. In her first-ever online singing class, you’ll learn warm-up exercises, breath control, vibrato, her signature growls, and hear Christina break down her biggest hits. You’ve never had vocal lessons like this before.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Loved this classs, now I am signing up for another one with Herbie Hancock.

Christina was always my inspiration and now I understand and feel her much more. But I wished to learn more abou singing techniques from her, this class was more about feelings.

Thank you Masterclass and Christina for reminding me to never stop learning and for what music is really about - expressing yourself and enjoying what you do. When you relax and let that happen...that's when the magic happens! Trust yourself and your voice - I must remember that.

Christina Aguilera proved to be a wonderful teacher. I really like her mentality and the way she puts her thoughts and points to words for us to understand. I love that she's all about being true to yourself and feeling the moment. She is so admirable. I just wish there were more lessons put into the technical part of singing but this course proved to be a great introduction for me. Thank you!


Rods B.

Drinks and drops can only help the upper airway right behind the tongue. But not deeper... I've had so many conversations over the years with vocalists who don't understand their own anatomy. Drinks can help. But the do not do anything for your vocal cords. Your epiglottis blocks that from happening. If these drinks actually went down your trachea you would not breathe and it might cause pneumonia. However, if the chemicals in these drinks soak into your esophageal wall, like honey or lemon, they can get into the muscles and cause immediate relief. On silences... Andrea Bocelli will not speak the day of a performance. From the morning he wakes up he will not even do a vocal warmup. This forces relaxation both physically and mentally. Also by silence you become aware of how much emotion can be expressed through one sound and you listen better. This also preserves the voice.

Cody W.

had a lot of good information, I've sang in the mountains and trying to grab your air in elevation is for real one of the hardest parts haha.

Ruti H.

Hello Christina, I love your lessons. I am a singing teacher and an opera singer for zillion years. I love your singing voice and there is no doubt about it that you are doing the right things to look after it. I noticed that you teach here using your low speaking range and fry register. I was told that our speaking voice if it is a bit too low or too high or if using fry register all throughout the vocal's the cricking sound ,can cause to fatigue. What are your thoughts about this one?

A fellow student

Thank you, this was very helpful because I find that before a show or musical, I tend to over practice. Then I loose my voice and it's very hard to preform.

Hara F.

I had no idea throat spray was a thing! These are really great and helpful tips, thanks!

Ona B.

She is awesome! I am not a singer but still I believe I can get something useful for myself from her class.

A fellow student

Masterclass the film production on this class is woefully below your own high standards. This does not remotely compare to the glorious production values of the Ron Howard, Hans Zimmer or Gordon Ramsay masterclasses.

Taahira S.

This lesson has helped a lot . I wasn't aware of the riccola tip and the throat spray i gotta try. Usually in the studio i go for my twizzlers and a room temperature bottle of water

seth W.

What does the honey do? Pasteurized or unpasteurized? How much? How often? Just straight honey?

Susan T.

Christina you are as beautiful as your voice. The best way to learn is to imitate and if that means learning your history, habits, and performance tips I'm all in. Thank you.