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Student Sessions: Pop Style

Through Christina's student critique, you will learn how changing your vocal placement and posture can add new dimension to your performance.

Topics include: Student workshop • Controlling voice


Through Christina's student critique, you will learn how changing your vocal placement and posture can add new dimension to your performance.

Topics include: Student workshop • Controlling voice

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Hey, guys. So it's really important to me that I wanted to have some one-on-one time with a few aspiring singers and people that love music too and just can't do anything but eat, sleep, and breathe music and who have the ultimate love and appreciation for it that I do and are constantly, as am I, on the journey and the path of learning more about yourself and how to better your skill and all of that. I'm joined today by my longtime friend and musical director, Rob Lewis. He's a great guy with a great ear and he can play piano, so he's here today and let's have some fun. So I guess my question for you starting out I don't know who wants to go first-- what would be some of the things you wonder as a vocalist and things you might want to work on or struggle with and I am yours for the asking. Hey, Christina. My name is Derek. Hey. Hi. I have a question concerning my voice and I guess my genre is like hard rock and all it's subtopics and stuff. And I'm trying to get more, I guess, contemporary and I'm trying to have more control with softer tones, having more presence or falsetto having more presence, because when I sing it it's just like-- I get it. Yeah, so I don't know like what are some like-- what do you-- I actually happen to have-- you can even ask Rob here-- I have some problem and difficulty because I'm a powerhouse singer. I can belt pretty well. That's a comfort zone of mine, and some singers have a very easy ability to-- there's this sort of middle ground in certain singers voices that they can almost-- I call it almost like the yawn effect. It's almost that place in your voice when you yawn, and it's like it's in between a belt and a falsetto. But I'm very black and white. I'm either like-- [SINGING] Hey, Or I'm like-- [SINGING] Hey. It's very soft, and so one of the things that I do whenever I know that I'm trying to do something sort of with more strength that's a falsetto it's really all is about pushing your breath. That's where breath really, really comes in. I don't know what stage you're in, but I know your animal is probably live performance. And you know, rock is loud and it's ambitious and it's bold and it's aggressive and it probably excites you in that way. And that's why it's a passion place for you to live. But yeah, it's hard to be, especially in your genre, and try to push forth a vocal in a powerful, yet subtle way. But it's really about breath. You just have to push that breath out. All right. Hit it, Rob. Just going to let it go around a little bit. [SINGING] Say something, I'm giving up on you. I'll be the one that you want me to. Anywhere I would have followed you. Say something I'm giving up on you. All right, cool. I hear it. I like that you kind of revamped it to make it your own a little-- put your signature touch on it. It's a difficult place, because it's a double-focus. So not only are you trying to proje...

Your New Voice Teacher

Christina Aguilera teaches you how to expand your range, find your voice, and master the techniques that have earned her five Grammy Awards. In her first-ever online singing class, you’ll learn warm-up exercises, breath control, vibrato, her signature growls, and hear Christina break down her biggest hits. You’ve never had vocal lessons like this before.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

What fun.. my throat hurts! Wow that is work!! My BEST is 3.4 octaves. B2-D5. Goal: Beat Christina.. ;)

I've admired Christina from the very beginning and love how she has so much power in her voice. I want to learn how to have that type of projection.

Thanks Xtina for chosing to open yourself to all of us: u r one of the BEST inspiration for singing with heart and guts! I'd add 1 ex. in the 1class.

Every class is just giving you a unique information and advices.Thank you so much ,Christina!


Emma L.

I liked this lesson a bit, but it wasn't as clear and well-organized as the other ones. I learned more from them. Also the headline was a bit misleading. I thought I was going to learn more about how to achieve the pop style in you voice. I liked the part of the differentiation between throat-singing, head-singing and core-singing and how to be more aware of it and use it.

Marco P.

I just loved this lesson. As a student, there's nothing better than an honest teacher, who understands your natural voice and your style and works with you to improve it, not to change it. Thanks so much Christina!

Geoffrey S.

christina if you are reading this comment i hae been wanting to be a singer sice i was a baby NOT JOKING anyway now that you have been teaching me i thank you PS: please say something back :]

Steve P.

Miss Aguilera referenced the great Jeff Buckley. In so doing, she became even cooler in my estimation.


The burp bubble actually makes sense to me. I believe I just got in touch with my inner junior high adolescence... As long as I don't bring anything up, this should actually work. Emotionally correct and embracing the raw!

Chen H.

Great lesson. I noticed when I am relaxed and centered, I naturally sing from my core. It's great Christina talked in details about singing from the core, and about being technically correct and emotionally correct.

Leah F.

I agree that visualization makes it easier to hit notes, especially higher notes. And I especially enjoyed the voice only coming from your face versus the voice that comes from your stomach. I think it took me a while to learn that but now I love using my lower, more powerful voice. I think Christina explaining and breaking it down step by step helped Derek and reminded me of the importance of not straining your vocal cords.

Gaby A.

The technicalities need to be learnt and incorporated and then... forgotten to let your voice be simply a channel to transmit emotions. It's amazing and almost magical!

Vicki L.

I love the difference in Derek's voice just by visualization, it's truly amazing how thoughts can control the voice. I am finding with myself that I carry throat tension and I'm working on freeing that space up

Louise K.

I have problems with my legs that have always been there but got worse as I got older. My range is less than it was when I could stand for long periods to sing. Are there any ways to improve range when you're in a seated position?