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Christina Aguilera

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Throw away your idea of sounding perfectly polished and learn how to use diction and enunciation to tell a story.

Christina Aguilera
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I don't like to get too caught up on diction and enunciation, and all of those things. Because, then, you're getting into the area of kind of over-critiquing yourself in a way. Whenever I'm all about feeling-- I could use fighter, fighta, as a reference. You know, would I sit here and say, I'm a fighter, or thanks for making me a fighta? No, I'm not going to say it like that. But when you're in the mode of singing, you know, you take on a different shape, and a different form. That's its own sort of a feeling. That's a beauty of singing, because you use that to sort of escape, and become maybe somebody that you normally wouldn't have an easy time being in front of other people. Maybe there's an inside part of you that isn't secure. And that's the beauty of music and singing. It's because you can express yourself in ways that you normally couldn't in maybe everyday life, or in a conversation. You know, that's why song is so powerful and moving. For me, placement of, you know, oh, where does my tongue go, or how should I phrase this according to specifics, like, that's just not my style. I prefer to sort of be more loose with it. And in reference to, you know, Fighter, when I sing, I will go, (SINGING) thanks for making me a fighta. You know, and that's a feeling and that's an emotion. But if I changed it, and I was like, (SINGING) thanks for making me a fighter. Like, that just sounds kind of weird to me. And that's not natural. Off the top of my head, from recently working with Resa, I think she's kind of a good example of sometimes whenever you don't want to over-enunciate in the case of the fact that she wanted to sort of rock out a little bit, and sing Fighter. And Fighter is all about an attitude. She was very enunciated, and you can tell she's had some former training in making sure she's fluid, which is great. I mean, those are things that will come in handy when you're singing a variety of different songs. But in the case of Fighter, she was starting the song with-- you know, the first two words are, "Well, I," and it's not a two thing. You know, the way I sing it on record, (SINGING) Well-I. You know, it's kind of like a throw it out there kind of thing. And she was going, (SINGING) Well I, well I. And she was I-- you know, her pronunciation of that was sort of more an, (SINGING) Well I. You know, it was more of that. And we got her to the stage of coming back and putting more of a stylistic approach on it, throwing it away and having an aggression about it. (SINGING) Well-I. Like, I'm going to dive into this story, and I'm going to tell you. You know, it doesn't have to be so proper, I guess, per se, whenever you're trying to give off a certain energy, or a feeling in a song. There are points of reference within Fighter. When you're saying things in a repetitive line that way, and you're using multiple words to express ...

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Christina has helped me find my voice and sound. Thank you

That was interesting. I'm not a singer but love music. I just wanted to learn something from a singer's experience in the industry and singing techniques.

Fantastic class. Love how Christina owns things, and also how she talks about being authentic and true to yourself. brilliant.

I love this class. I purchased access when it first became available, but wasn't able to do much with it until several years later--and I loved it!


Chava G.

The generosity of your spirit is greater than anyone could imagine. You are very talented as a performer, teacher and a coach!

A fellow student

The most terrible thing I found is when I was giving my feedback, progress bar blocked submit button.

Jonathan S.

Terrific! She has really shown her range over these last few lessons. I'm very impressed. She mentioned Eartha Kitt. You might also look at Peggy Lee, especially when she sings "Is That All There Is?"

Debbie R.

Hey guys ... I’m so enjoying Christina’s lessons .. learning so much. She is so inspirational & I so need it now. Please let me know what you think of the cover I did on Summertime .. can’t wait to start using what I’m on learning on my next tracks ... thank you Christina.. ♥️ Deb Rallis

James A.

My masterclass trial is over... and I chose to spend my last minutes with You Christina.


I like this one because it shows you that sometimes being perfect is boring. :) I love singing and using my soul to get the words out> :)

Dina H.

Hi guys, I would really love anyone's opinion on these two songs and let me know what you think. (Honestly, please, because I have no idea what I need to work on; well, no that's a lie, I know what to fix...) But, I would love feedback from anyone else. Deeply appreciate it :) and

A fellow student

now as i sing songs, i like to be playful with my words, it like acting and feeling the song, now i must admit that a Tracy dictated to me how on i should sing, properly but I'm always open for great advice, at least I'm not going crazy if i don't like the way that song is sung, but everyone has there own style right, i continue working on my pronunciation! to make sure i get the words across right in my songs to my audience , Great insights into what works or what does not, loved this lesson, :) thanks

Yelzhas K.

Hi everyone! Cool lesson! I will working with my style and pronunciation! But I have a question: What about male singers? Who can give advice about good male singers, which I can listening to?

Kim L.

I always have discussions with music producers on how to pronounce words and certain lyrics.. they always expect me to swallow my words and make them a little sloppy.. so i'm glad i'm not crazy for thinking that certain songs don't need sloppyness or word swallow.. It does totally depend on style and genre. Will keep this advice in mind for sure!