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Student Sessions: Simplify

Watch as Christina coaches a student on projection, and reveals a vocal technique that allows you to emotionally connect with your listeners.

Topics include: Student workshop • Simplifying vocals


Watch as Christina coaches a student on projection, and reveals a vocal technique that allows you to emotionally connect with your listeners.

Topics include: Student workshop • Simplifying vocals

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Hi. I'm Emily. Hi Emily. I had a question-- kind of what we were just talking about-- about placement, and switching it really quickly. You know, going from your nose to your throat to your chest and everything-- and if you had any wisdom on that, because you do that so much on all of your songs. It's a control tactic. You know, it's really a control thing. It's breath control, it's knowing how to conserve your energy in the right places, not overdoing it if you have more high notes to hit later-- which is sometimes hard when you're living in the moment, because you just want to give it all every second of every moment. Can you give me a specific example? Sure. Oh. I kind of know this song. [MUSIC - CHRISTINA AGUILERA, "BEAUTIFUL"] Very pretty. Sometimes-- what you're asking for-- how do I switch from chest voice to head voice, right? OK. I mean, you were doing it beautifully. Placement, yes-- it's a personal choice of where you want to make the ad lib, to have enough breath left over to come in strong for the next, or if you want to leave the ad lib out, just cut it short, make it an emotional thing, and then put your heart into projecting forward. Do you plan all of that? Sometimes I have to. Because if I'm going to do it, say like the record-- a lot of times when I'm live, I just want to be in the moment. I don't want to think about the record and how I recorded it, because I just want to play and I want to be free. Technique is only I think-- it's a quarter of it. Passion and drive and all that is to me 70% to 90% to 100%. You know, it's like-- it all stems from passion and finding that emotion that comes from passion, and just loving it, and living it, and breathing it, and exuding it. It all comes together like that. But yeah-- it is about placement. And it's a personal choice. You know, one of the things that I hear singers sometimes do on the voice is if they have a crazy big note to come up, they sometimes do linger too long. I'm like, OK, I have to get this intricate ad lib coming into it. It's like, no-- throw that away. Nobody's going to remember that. Because what are people going to notice at the end of the day? If you did a perfectly good ad lib right at a down moment of the song? That's actually a really good tip-- is pick the most dynamic moments of the song. Because right whenever I'm going into the bridge-- that's a throwaway moment. Nobody's listening to-- it's like you're on that verge of like, OK, what's happening next, momentum's building, so that bah! When you're hitting that big note, you want to preserve all the energy for that. You are a singer that I think can do technical things. You can execute ad libs, and you're capable of doing them, and not doing them sloppy-- because I say if you're going to do it at all, make sure it's not sloppy, and it's for the most part intricately correct. There is something t...

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Christina Aguilera teaches you how to expand your range, find your voice, and master the techniques that have earned her five Grammy Awards. In her first-ever online singing class, you’ll learn warm-up exercises, breath control, vibrato, her signature growls, and hear Christina break down her biggest hits. You’ve never had vocal lessons like this before.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I have already improved my script with beats within a sentence. My character had the right dialogue, but needed an extra something. After this class, I have re-edited my first 20 pages of my script and ready to put it to bed.

I improved my voice skills and found new goal! Thank you from my heart.

I’ve learned a lot about singing and performing! This get me a little closer to where I’m going! Thanks

I am speechless and breathless by her style and expertise. Her encouraging comments and teaching style has really impressed me. I will never give up and continue my own way...


A fellow student

I’m crying from her 2nd take because now I felt it hard to breathe <3 that’s how much she delivered truth.

David M.

Who else is completely in love with how it sounded the second time?? It was beautiful, no pun intended!! So gorgeous!!!

Lena T.

How do you learn how to do ad libs? Is it by listening? are there vocal warm ups for it?

Grace C.

Also, who is the WONDERFUL singer in this session? Her voice gave me complete chills; she's gonna go far.

Grace C.

The points she's making in these student sessions are really blowing my mind. She's really SO doggone deep!


It's all about the connection. How do you want to connect? With the song/listeners...

Mariah S.

This lesson just made me incredibly emotional. It reminded me of when I tried to do covers as a teen to Christina's songs. I would get so frustrated and upset at myself if they didn't come out perfectly like the recording. I do remember a few years ago that she did say singing beautiful was very hard for her to sing because she had the same problem, trying to make it sound perfect. To hear that from my idol who has taught me everything I know about singing, it's very heartwarming. I need to keep reminding myself that its the emotion that is the key and to not spend too much on the glitter and choreo. Also, breath support is super important as well.

Kelly Y.

It was good seeing the before and after performances with the vocalists. This girl has a great voice and I thought even her first attempt sounded really close to Christina's pitch. I definitely can hear differences from before to after.


I am not a singer (other than in the car ; ) ... but watching and listening to Christina coach these singers is fascinating ... she has such a gift to teach/coach. Christina's outlook on the importance of the emotion over technically perfect is so spot on. When she coached the young woman to sing 'Beautiful' a second time using emotion over embellishing, it literally brought tears to my eyes when she sang it the second time. I am thoroughly enjoying every part of this course. Christina is such an expansive personality and whip-smart - a true gift to watch and listen.

Mike A.

I could definitely see this lesson coming into play when Christina performed Beautiful at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert. In the final chorus, she belted a powerful run followed by a loud "We are Beautiful in every..." but then paused and calmed herself. Then in a more breathy, simplified tone, continued with, "single way cause (exhale)...cause words can't they can't bring me down." It made the emotion fit more with the lyrics than if she were to continue belting.