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Duets Part 1: Rehearsal Prep

Christina Aguilera

Lesson time 09:14 min

Master creating an unforgettable duet as Christina teaches you what to look for in a duet partner, how to perfect your timing, and how to navigate the rehearsal process.

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Topics include: Checking mic levels • Record rehearsals • Inner metronome


This is Collin Smith, the fabulous, talented, one and only, who actually joins me for the song "Say Something" while I perform it on stage. Can't always have A Great Big World join me, and he does an awesome job at it. And also joined by Stanley on the drums in the back there, who has a big cymbal crescendo moment in this song. It's a really big moment. But no. In general, this is a piano ballad, so make sure the throats are clear because you can hear everything. It's such a naked song. We're going to give a try here and get into sort of our rehearsal process. I think one of the things Colin and I try to do, eye contact is very important to sort of try and gauge, OK, what's your next move? It's reading with the eyes sort of and trying to figure out the next move. But also working with someone who has just a good ear and a good sense of timing anyway, which Colin does. But it's all in delivery. It's a conversation. And so if the two of us are not falling, tempo-wise, you gently approach and be like, OK, on this line, (SINGING) I'm still learning to love. Maybe the approach at "still," I mean, there's so many ways to end that. So if we're doing our own independent thing, maybe somebody's doing, (SINGING) I'm still learning to love. Maybe it's an ad lib. Or maybe he would be doing that and I would say, OK, why don't we both try (SINGING) I'm still learning to love. Drop off a bit so we're both ending on that same timing. It's a conversation. It's something that if you approach it in a non-stressful way, nobody likes to be criticized and nobody wants to feel like somebody is better than the other person. It should feel like an equal playing field and a love. It's a communication and it's creating something magical together for people to enjoy. So it should never be an ego thing. I love collaborating with people. I love duetting with people and having a good time and sharing this thing that we love to do called music. So it should have a good energy to it. If it doesn't, those are the people that I probably am like, probably not going to do a duet with that person again because it should have a fun energy and a positive feel to it. When things become too much of a weird competition, that's not fun. I like to have a good time and be in support of the person I'm working with and vice versa. So let's get into it and give a little example. But you'll see as the song begins, it's very still. It allows you a breathing room, yes, and sensibility to get into the song. [PIANO PLAYING] And you want to rely on your piano player, too, to have a good sense of timing. (SINGING) Say something, I'm giving up on you. I'll be the one if you want me to. Anywhere I would have followed you. Say something, I'm giving up on you. And I-- The contact. So you want to make your contact. One second. Yeah. Raise my...

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