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Student Sessions: Rock Style

Christina Aguilera

Lesson time 6:43 min

Learn the techniques Christina uses to achieve her gritty style on songs like Fighter. Through her critique of a pop vocalist, Christina demonstrates how grit and attitude can transform a performance from pop to rock.

Christina Aguilera
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My name is Risa. I have a question opposite Derek. I think my voice is more pop, kind of what you were talking about, the yawn voice, rather than rock gritty. I am trying to figure out how I can do that, if you have any advice. Oh, trying to do the raspy thing. More rock kind of, like a harder tone. A harder tone. So what would you say your tone is now? More of a yawny, lighter tone, I think. OK. You want to give me an example? Sure. I practiced "Fighter." OK. Yeah. And trying to get all the words out is hard for this song, too. It's a lot of words. It's a mouthful. It really is. (SINGING) Well, I thought I knew you, thinking that you were true. Guess I-- I couldn't trust, called your bluff. Time is up 'cause I've had enough. You were there by my side, always down for the ride, but your joyride just came down in flames 'cause your greed sold me out in shame. After all of the cheating and stealing, you probably would think that I hold resentment for you. Uh oh. Oh no. You're wrong. Because if it wasn't for all that you tried, I wouldn't know. Just how would I know? Got it. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. First of all, I commend you for (SINGING), 'cause I don't even do that live anymore. I'm like, I'm just going to make it a breathy thing. But here's the thing. That song, I mean, you're great singer and you're articulate, and you enunciate a lot of your phrasing. And you smooth it out. So it's like this elongated, sort of a beautiful, almost operatic pop thing to me, you know? But if you want to go that route and be able to be versatile in the sense of, OK, let me be able to dive into something with a rock sort of an edge, or even referencing Alanis Morissette or something like that, where it's pop rock in a sense. Now you're crossing into the territory where you throw out technicalities completely and you go with an attitude. Think about what it's saying. You're angry, in a way. It's like you're thankful for this person screwing you over and taking advantage of you. In a sense, you're making a positive out of a negative because you've been through hell and back, basically. Somebody sounds two-faced, right? Well, I thought I knew you, thinking that you were true, guess I couldn't trust, called your bluff. Time is up 'cause I've had enough. So when you're singing that song-- sing a couple of the first lines again. (SINGING) Well, I thought I knew you, thinking that you were true. Guess I-- OK. So right there, I think what you can immediately work on is throw out your diction and all the things that are great school training for maybe a ballad or something like that that might help you out a little bit more. But in this field, (SINGING) Well, I-- You know, I would say actually, to help you with this, is reference even Jack White or real soul and rock singers ...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I was singing the whole way through the class hahaha Awesome teaching and really heartfelt advice. Thanks Christina!

I love Christina. I just want to Thank her for sharing her knowledge with the class. What an amazing teacher.

Thank you Masterclass and Christina. Truly inspirational.

Loved her in-depth takes on all aspects of the music industry. Love the signing portion, would have loved more of it. Thanks.


A fellow student

One thing about this lesson that really amazed me is how Honest Christina is. She praised the student on the "fighter note" and say that "I don't even do that live" anymore. There are many moments that Christina was being really truthful and I really love that.

Nirva P.

it was great but it didn't keep me interested and it needed more vocalizing and techniques rather then talking and explaining. It was great but it didn't keep me interested.

A fellow student

If emotion made you good at singing then most people who were singing their heart out at karoake and in their car would sound great. If you have a lot of emotion and poor technique you're not going to be able to deliver that emotion... Overall Masterclass shows you that just because you're good at something doesn't make you a good teacher. Most of these people ramble on without giving practical advice that can be applied.


This is a Masterclass. What do you guys expect? This is not supposed to be a Singing 101. I am the vocal of a Rock band and I have learned very useful things from Christina. It's more about understanding than techniques. Like what she said, this is a mental game. So Masterclass team please clarify the purpose of your program, otherwise, you guys will receive more complaints.

A fellow student

I am the type of person that benefits from clear and concise advice. I feel Christina pontificates and therefore losses the ability to describe the one or two things that would be beneficial to learn or practice. Too much information is difficult to soak in. Instead, I wish she would say what she needs to say and at the end break it down to one or two things to focus on.

Morgan D.

Listen to it so much that is "lives in your body." This is so good! You definitely become what you listen to. This girl is classically trained (hence the great diction), and once you have that training, it's hard to move to singing a style like rock. The "pushing" advice is really great; however, the one thing I would've added to this is for her to tighten her throat to get that little growl at the beginning. The downside to telling someone this is that their breath can suffer if they focus too much on their throat. (You don't want to be throat-singing--which is probably why she didn't say this.) It's really a combo of using your abdominals to push and tightening your throat at the beginning of focused words (like ones at the beginning of a phrase) that creates that grit that rockers have. It's an advanced technique if you didn't grow up singing rock. Again, what you listen to really does begin to live in your body. It's the same reason why we have regional accents. No one taught us our accents. We learned them instinctually because that's what we were exposed to. Our bodies naturally discovered how to mimimic those sounds.

A fellow student

Horrible class; no exercises, personalized techniques or any ways to learn to sing, I guess that fact that she's paid isn't enough motivation to teach people how do what she signed teach. Come on, I wanted to learn to sing, but this is what you give us, waste of a class, waste of time. You too masterclass, you call this a class and had the reluctance to still put it on the website, the name of this course is "Christina Aguilera teaches singing", despite not teaching singing.

Maxximillian D.

For anyone else who is also wanting to listen to singers who have a really got this rock thing nailed, Michael Jackson is really really good at that type of singing. Make a study of any of his fast paced songs and you can’t help but emerge from your self-directed singing-listening-mimicking session with more controlled punch. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Emma L.

I liked the way I was thinking about reaching that rock attitude was in line with what Christina is describing. The best part was when she said you should "push it".

Raederle P.

Trying out this song I discovered that the rock style comes more naturally to me than the other styles, but I have to do a lot of practice before I'll be able to maintain that sound for the entire length of the song.