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Studio Microphones

Christina Aguilera

Lesson time 11:56 min

Mic check. Christina breaks down the difference between live performance and studio time, as well as the microphone techniques she's perfected over her career. Then, get a rare glimpse into the recording booth as you watch Christina perform her iconic song 'Beautiful'.

Christina Aguilera
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All right. Entering studio mode. Thank you, Oscar. So you want to get the right height. So I'm getting the headphone sound. You want to make sure that your mouth is lined up with the right thing and sometimes if I decide if you're more comfortable with shoes on, with shoes off, I'm usually constantly barefoot when I sing, which makes me about five inches shorter. In this case, I have lower heels on. But if I were to really be in my bare feet, he'll have to lower it. So adjust your mic with whoever it is that's helping you. In this case, it would be Oscar, my longtime engineer, who's worked on every record of mine since "Stripped." So here you are. And you want to find your balance. I don't like these things, pop filters, poppers I'll call them, because there has to be a certain width away from the mic, so that sometimes if you're saying a word that starts with the letter P, sometimes you put too much emphasis on it. And if it's too strong, this filter is going to make sure that the recording of the sound is not going to be too abrasive, be too harsh. But yeah. I mean, put little things in your studio to make yourself comfortable, to feel warm, cozy, reflective, creative. Candles, little things like that. When I'm in the studio for my "Back to Basics" record, for instance, I put red lipstick on for every single time I went in the booth pretty much, because I wanted to get into that-- because it was a concept record and a throwback record, I took all these images from old movies starlets of the time to older jazz and blues singers and the color red was always such a classic color back then. So that's pretty much where I fell in love with having a red shade of lipstick whenever I entered the "Back to Basics" mode and I've kept it ever since. So without the headphones on, it's a very closed, muted sound, which I hate it. I like to feel open and a lot of wet reverb and what not. So in my headphones right now, now I can hear myself the way I like. I feel corny sometimes doing the whole one, two, check thing. It's just not my style, it's not my thing. It sounds so cliche. So I'm always, something that gets the point across with hearing how you sound back, just to make sure I have --the right echo. It's that eh, eh, uh, uh, uh. That's kind of a sound that I make. I get to hear not only if the EQ sound quality is technically giving me the boost so I don't feel like I'm in a tin can. So make sure. So if I go, "uh, uh, uh," the "uh" kind of gets me into my throat. I can hear that back. Do I have a deep, rich tone? And also the sharpness of the "eh" sound at the beginning is giving me good sharpness to see, do I have enough reverb? So the two of those things work together for me. When I record a song or a track, you want to make sure all the levels are right. Are the drums too loud? Am I getting enough drums so that I ca...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I really loved how candid Christina was, overall I felt the class wasn't as technical as I hoped it was going to be but it was still a great class.

An underrated singer! So smart, generous and amazingly talented.

There were a lot of good tips and experiences.

looking forward to some more lessons great format.


Morgan D.

I was completely sucked into that. It's like I lost all sense of time and space there for a minute or two. Wow! Absolutely mesmerizing...

Cassandra K.

I believe that is my favorite version of Beautiful- raw and emotional.!! Absolutely stunning voice and talent. Very thankful for these lessons and learning what’s in Christiana’s mind via thought process.

A fellow student

Never thought Christina Aguilera would be one of the most important musical teacher at this late point in my life. Thank you Christina. Didn’t get MasterClass for Christina but this the most studied.

Vladislava S.

Duh! This is like Blond Microphone Check

Jonathan S.

Here's the pop filter I mentioned after Lesson 15. That's what you don't have live. She doesn't mention that as you move back and forth from the mic, that the frequencies the mic pics up change. I found that out when I went back into a song I have recorded the previous day and tried to "fix" one word. It sounded artificial even though I had everything set up the same way, but because I wasn't at the same distance and angle to the mic, the word didn't fit. I ended up re-recording the line. There's another topic about limiter/compressors. They're very important in keeping the voice (and other instruments) from overwhelming or getting lost in a mixdown. Let's see if she covers that. If not, it's an important topic, and you can find a lot about it on the web.

D T.

Wow, such an amazing performance of that song - and at the same time a great lesson on how she works the mic when she sings it!

A fellow student

I know been few weeks since last posted, thanks Joshua Franklin who replied to my post, I did buy a condenser Mic ,a pop filter and a stand that came with it and pop filter, the Mic I bought is a condenser bm700, which I highly recommend it to anyone who is getting started on a budget, now comes with A/V amp + sub connector...if you're on a budget, go to Amazon and get it for £34.99, only bought last certainly makes a huge difference in sound quality for vocals, but worth the money In the same week bought and upgraded my monitors speakers which professional. I tested the condenser Mic on Facebook live...check it enjoy I'm sorting out the reverb, to sound to much in a small room..enjoy

A fellow student

Wow, incredibly beautiful voice and powerful, great technique with the microphone, I think she was using a condenser Mic, is it custom to have a pop filter to record songs..for that professional sound before putting them on CD or streaming? As I be ordering a New Mic. I could always buy one and try it out, to see how I get on. I really enjoyed learning a new technique here, stacking whispers to songs give that extra spice.. It was so powerful I cryed, amazing song :) love it and great tips.

David C.

Stacking vocal in a recording, including whispers ... wow some real cool sauce there. Honestly!

D S.

Like many of you I'd like to know more of the 'inside baseball' mechanics of microphones/headphones/etc AND ... ... and I'd be more fascinated to know more of Christina's thoughts on choosing your team: Your Engineer/Partner Your team of musicians etc I'd rather have so-so equipment and a great team than a great set of equipment and a crap team