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Christina Aguilera

Lesson time 6:43 min

Learn how to use your art to express your voice and challenge the opinions of those around you, while staying within your comfort zone. Christina challenged the norms of sexuality and shame with her music. What will you talk about with yours?

Christina Aguilera
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Whenever I started being able to have a voice of my own and feel actually empowered for once by my own sexuality and experimenting with that on my album, Stripped, and my song, "Dirty," it was a conversation piece. It was a very interesting time being 21, and just being like, OK, let's converse about it. I would have conversations with my interviews sometimes with people that couldn't wrap their heads around it. But that's where the double standard came in, and I'm always for you can't shame me. I think it's important as artists that we do take risks, and we do put things out there that are going to make people think a little bit and going to make people talk, and that song and that whole record had a lot to say. It had a lot of opinions. And not everyone's going to get it. Not everyone's going to love it. Some people will. Some people won't. But I think the interesting thing to be said here is that as an artist, as a creator of art, period, whether it's paintings on a wall, I think the beauty of it is getting it to be a conversation piece. Let's open up the conversation. Why does it bother you? Why don't you like it? Let's talk about it. How does it make you feel? Why do you feel shameful? If you don't give it that energy, I had no shame in anything that I express. I think the more we give the energy of like, oh, you should be ashamed of yourself, and hiding yourself, if that's not you, if that's not your comfort zone, then yeah. Don't give it that energy. Everything is the energy that you give it. Objectification in this business as a woman is a very layered and something different that everyone might experience. I clearly just have no problem with sexuality being a part of my artistry and feeling comfortable in my own skin, and for me, that was definitely a message that I wanted to convey for women to not feel objectified by men, by, oh, let me put on my clothes. Let me do this, or let me do my makeup a certain way. Like, screw that. Like, I definitely made that very apparent on my Stripped album with the song, "Dirty." It was the funniest video I've ever done, by the way, ever. It was so free and fun, and it was with my girls and a lot of crazy like plushies. It was crazy. It was a madhouse-- David LaChapelle. I mean that was a crazy, fun video. And I look back at it so happy about it, but I got a lot of heat for it. I just felt like all of it was such a double standard. It's like men get up there, and they pelvic thrust, and they do all of these things, and women go crazy and throw panties, and that's fine. But a woman going up there and feeling empowered and in control of her whole world up there on that stage-- to have that be seen negatively was just something that I felt very uncomfortable with. I couldn't stand for it. And I think everybody should embrace what makes them feel empowered, and having a...

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YASSS QUEEN. If you are a king or a queen that like to sing this class is for you.

Looking forward to restarting and finishing this program - without holding back.

An honest lesson about singing and the power of truth. Thank you Christina!

Great motivation and advice for aspiring artist!



This really hits home, especially in this season. I just wrote my first ever song with a group named Black Fuse. I decided to write about the feeling surrounding depression and sadness. I felt the pressure to write about something happy or romantic. But I felt like I was true to myself and I dug deep. It was released this week. Feel free to check it out. "Dark Soul Lullaby" by Black Fuse (feat. Camellie Zovar)

Evgenia S.

Thanks Christina for the revelation! Society will always exaggerate everything and find something to discuss, so you need to be yourself and not be shy about your sexuality at any age. Of course you need to know your boundaries, but do not listen to the opinions of other people. Maybe they are just jealous. :)

A fellow student

hello everyone, i want o know my vocal range but i forgot how i did that the last time, can anybody please help? thank you :)

Rachel M.

Thank you for that piece of advice on never feeling like you should be forced to be sexy. There are some song covers where I like to pull my "sexy" voice but only because it feels right, but I don't normally like to wear revealing clothes, especially while singing. Empowerment should have to do with the person's own self-confidence and self-love, not done by others' standards.

A fellow student

The greatest Knowledge is within you. It is the secret of human life that God exists within each human heart waiting to be revealed. It really makes me want to sing from divine love and joy.

Jonathan S.

Dang! Does the depth of this woman never end? It took me 50 years to gain the wisdom she has at such a young age. Bully for you Christina!


This lesson was so great I kind of wish she'd put it at the beginning. It's the essence of why we sing and why ( sometimes) people respond-- the burning desire to touch and move people by being who we really are . Really great.

Jonathan M.

I am really enjoying Christina's Advice with these last few lessons. As someone who has worked in pop music for over a decade I definitely think she is 100% correct. It's about knowing YOUR artistry, YOUR truth and what ultimately is right for YOU. If you're comfortable with your sexuality, own it! If you're not that's absolutely fine too. Never be forced to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. <3

Madison M.

I'm not so sure about sexuality in music personally--I feel like in some cases it can be used to distract from bad music.

Nicole V.

Wao! This is my favorite lesson so far. Great inspiration. Thank you Christina!!!