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Christina's Inspiration

Christina Aguilera

Lesson time 13:08 min

Christina learned the secrets of powerful performances from music legends like Billie Holiday and Nina Simone. Learn how to gather inspiration, tap into your emotions and embrace your flaws to better connect with your audience.

Christina Aguilera
Teaches Singing
Christina teaches you her unique vocal techniques in over 3.5 hours of voice lessons and exercises.


Had I not gone through sort of a rough background, I'm not sure I'd be able to be the singer that I am today. I think that coming from something that makes you feel so deeply and sometimes so painfully really, really gives you that place, that gut-ridden soulful space that you can just draw everything from from there on out. My earliest memory of being completely drawn to and inspired-- I guess I've come to learn is the word-- at such a young age to music was when I was six years old living in Japan, and I completely was taken with The Sound Of Music. Watching Julie Andrews's initial shot so free and so alive and so just open and uncaring of anybody else being around or anybody hearing her or watching her, she was alive and free in those hills and singing out to herself, to the universe. I was, at the time, growing up on an army base, and my actual childhood was a little chaotic growing up. And it really moved me to just get something out of me. It like reached into me, and it was a form of expression for me, I think, at such a young age and feeling a little lost in the chaos that was in my home or in my environment. It was my form of release. I wanted to be her in that movie, and I would go up into my bedroom, I would open my window, and I would pretend I was her, and I would just sing out to the world. It was then that I guess looking back, I realized my dream, and that was my dream to become a singer and speak my truth, sing from my heart, my soul. And that, at five, six years old, was my first introduction to my love of music. As I got a little older, my mother and father had gotten a divorce, and we moved in with my grandma at the time. And this was out of Pittsburgh, and I remember her sort of bringing it to my mom's attention-- you know, she's going through the divorce. Things are a little chaotic still, and my grandma was like, she's got a real talent here. I mean, she knew I did things like spread towels on the floor in the bathtub and use the shampoo bottle as my "icophone" I would call it, but it was really my grandma that was like, you should really let her perform for people. She was so proud. She was my proud grandma that just-- she would probably bring strangers off the street to come in the front door to show me off. She was a proud grandma, but she sort of opened the door for me to experience my ultimate love, what would become my true love of music, which was soul, blues, and jazz music. We would go and take these road trips. It was me, my mom, my grandma, my little sister, and we would go into the city of Pittsburgh, and we would take road trips out there and go for a drive and go to these old record stores and just sift through record after record of-- you know, it was the dusty vinyls. But this was my first introduction to what I felt was real music, and that was the beginning of me then getting in touch with my soul, my ultimate heart and passion, because on those ...

About the Instructor

Christina Aguilera teaches you how to expand your range, find your voice, and master the techniques that have earned her five Grammy Awards. In her first-ever online singing class, you’ll learn warm-up exercises, breath control, vibrato, her signature growls, and hear Christina break down her biggest hits. You’ve never had vocal lessons like this before.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

As a budding music producer I'm learning the tips to share with my clients to help them improve.

Incredible stuff... I am amazed ... This experience from talented and hard working artist is a gift.

I learned many things. I am thankful for her story, and her sincerity.

I think my son will enjoy this a lot. I am probably not the one to review it for pedagological merit.


Xavier L.

Kristina! Thank you for your generosity. thanks for telling me about my range.!

David W.

It's like listening to a high schooler chat about something she only partly-understands. Kind of an odd choice to teach a masterclass...

Cristelle S.

Dear MasterClass, Hello. After the "Christina's Inspiration" lesson, I learned about melody, and how to add a variety of singing volumes into one song page. Thank you "Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing" Class. Sincerely, Cristelle Nicole

A fellow student

I love how she sets up your mind first before getting into the technical. It's something only few people understand to teach in whatever industry they work in. It starts with you and your internal world before you can express anything in the outer world. Everything she said has gotten me to look inwards in all my aspects of life not just learning how to sing. There's so much more in this lesson than what meets the eye.

Shelly F.

The instructor is beautiful, phenomenal, and not only good at singing but good at educating the less talented among us who might actually crack the ceiling trying to sing anything. I strongly believe practicing in an open environment without ceiling (yes, sound waves can actually crack things) would prove the instructor accurate that sometimes even if we are not born with an ability that brings success to others that anyone could perfect an art if taught by the best and brightest!


I don't understand all the haters in the comments (I never understand haters anyway). When you pay for a singing class, you want to know who is your teacher. How has she/he learn about music, what are their inspirations, what get them to learn about the craft...That is important, to assess if the teacher has the skills to give us the teaching you need, but also to get inspired by their stories and influences. This is music: it's about sharing, it's about what inspires, and comes from the heart and core. I always want to know where does the abilities and inspirations of the singing teacher comes from, see if I can connect with that, or how I can myself connect my singing with my own stories because that's where you'll get the energy you need to when you perform. Basic thing. And that's what makes this video relevant.

May L.

This lesson is bullshit. The class is not adverstised as an inspirational "how to be a music artist" lesson, it is listed as a singing lesson. I wanted singing lessons. I'm so glad I didn't pay for this tribute to Aguilera's ego. Major vomit.

Nicola S.

So great to be hearing her honest opinions on singing, as she has such a great voice and knows her stuff.

Satya N.

I love that she says she didn’t like the one track recording of Beautiful but I just listened to it and it was amazing. It just goes to show how high her standards are for herself.

Nandita S.

I am glad you are talking about your past and how you got into singing! Very inspiring!