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Christina Aguilera

Lesson time 13:08 min

Christina learned the secrets of powerful performances from music legends like Billie Holiday and Nina Simone. Learn how to gather inspiration, tap into your emotions and embrace your flaws to better connect with your audience.

Christina Aguilera
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Had I not gone through sort of a rough background, I'm not sure I'd be able to be the singer that I am today. I think that coming from something that makes you feel so deeply and sometimes so painfully really, really gives you that place, that gut-ridden soulful space that you can just draw everything from from there on out. My earliest memory of being completely drawn to and inspired-- I guess I've come to learn is the word-- at such a young age to music was when I was six years old living in Japan, and I completely was taken with The Sound Of Music. Watching Julie Andrews's initial shot so free and so alive and so just open and uncaring of anybody else being around or anybody hearing her or watching her, she was alive and free in those hills and singing out to herself, to the universe. I was, at the time, growing up on an army base, and my actual childhood was a little chaotic growing up. And it really moved me to just get something out of me. It like reached into me, and it was a form of expression for me, I think, at such a young age and feeling a little lost in the chaos that was in my home or in my environment. It was my form of release. I wanted to be her in that movie, and I would go up into my bedroom, I would open my window, and I would pretend I was her, and I would just sing out to the world. It was then that I guess looking back, I realized my dream, and that was my dream to become a singer and speak my truth, sing from my heart, my soul. And that, at five, six years old, was my first introduction to my love of music. As I got a little older, my mother and father had gotten a divorce, and we moved in with my grandma at the time. And this was out of Pittsburgh, and I remember her sort of bringing it to my mom's attention-- you know, she's going through the divorce. Things are a little chaotic still, and my grandma was like, she's got a real talent here. I mean, she knew I did things like spread towels on the floor in the bathtub and use the shampoo bottle as my "icophone" I would call it, but it was really my grandma that was like, you should really let her perform for people. She was so proud. She was my proud grandma that just-- she would probably bring strangers off the street to come in the front door to show me off. She was a proud grandma, but she sort of opened the door for me to experience my ultimate love, what would become my true love of music, which was soul, blues, and jazz music. We would go and take these road trips. It was me, my mom, my grandma, my little sister, and we would go into the city of Pittsburgh, and we would take road trips out there and go for a drive and go to these old record stores and just sift through record after record of-- you know, it was the dusty vinyls. But this was my first introduction to what I felt was real music, and that was the beginning of me then getting in touch with my soul, my ultimate heart and passion, because on those ...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I was expecting a lot more of singing exercices and techniques tips and workouts. It was different than what I expected but it was still a great journey. I learned a lot and got challenged into thinking about aspects of singing I didn't put enough thoughts in!

This is exactly what I was looking for. Beyond nitpicky techniques and forced exercises, Christina redefined what singing is really about. Perfect!

Love the timing of her music, showing how to take a song and make it special 🤓

Christina has so much wisdom. I'm not even half way through the class, but I'm learning there is so much more to singing than just letting it rip!


Amiee D.

Thank you so much for sharing your awesome musical inspirations! I totally agree that the effect of those we choose to listen to in our quiet moments, alone with our headphones, definitely leaves a deep, lasting impression on our souls and can really help us find our own unique artistic voice; something honest and beautiful in all its seeming imperfections.

A fellow student

This video broke down ways we can find inspiration within ourselves. Our flaws, emotional traumas, and past experiences make our voices beautiful. I listened to the Nina Simone song and heard Nina's simple whispers, small changes in volume, and soft raspy cry. I 100% understand what Christina means. It's not about singing perfectly, it's about taking the listener through a journey. Nothing in this video was irrelevant, everything she mentioned was her INSPIRATION that helped her build the foundation for what we can expect to learn from her entire Masterclass.

Amy W.

I used to think that singing is only a job for me for the following reasons. When I was a little girl, my mother never asked me what I wanted to be in the future. After school, I had to take many courses, such as dance class, piano class and program hosting class etc. Therefore I didn't know how to get along with other children and gradually I didn't go out playing with them anymore.The only thing I knew during that time is that my mom expected me to be a vocalist and I followed the path she chose for me. That's why I thought I was doing singing only for my mom, not for myself. I can not deny I am a lucky girl, especially when I started my music journey. I've passed the exam and went to a good university. As you know I am a Chinese Folk Song vocalist. At that time, people in the field of folk songs were impetuous and pompous. Everyone seems to be busy chasing something and everyone has a strong desire for fame and money. Unfortunately, I was young and I was one of them, rating success over singing. Time can tell you the truth. If you don't have passion for what you are doing, others will feel that and will not listen to you.That's why there are so few folk song singers left on the stage. Fortunately, I grew up and I realized that. I decided to chase my own dream.I found that my ture calling is Musical. Actually when I was a high school student, I was attracted by this unique music style when I first watched Cats. But I was too old to study musical in New York and I decided to become a Broadway producer, which is the best choice I can make at this moment. Because of NCP, everyone was staying grounded. It's the best time to think about what you have missed in those busy days. So when I heard Christina said ' no matter what genre or style of music you are, you need to follow your heart.' I suddenly realized that singing is not just related how high tone you can sing in your music range. It's not only to use your throat to let the air flow out and up and down. Christina helps me to refind my lost passion for the music. Every melody should come from your deep heart and soul. Purity and respect for your music and that's the key for every singer who takes musical as their life-time pursuit.


This video is not a singing lesson. Too much of her experience and no learning tools, yet...

Maureen C.

blah blah blah. too much about her. i want to learn about actually singing. her inspiration talk does not give cues how to find your own inspiration, it's just about her journey. more like a documentary about her. not a teaching session.


I am a much older generation and just started listening and she reminded me of two things. When I was much younger than 6, I saw the Frank Sinatra movie, Come blow your horn. I was so blown away that there was singing, that I wouldn't leave and made my grandmother stay in the theater and watch it again. Also, I grew up in Brooklyn and when I was a child and was taken to Manhattan, I would sing in the street, thinking that this was my chance to be discovered.

James H.

Good lesson. Nice background information on the instructor, very informative... a lot of "things" covered, many cliches, but unsure of that "golden nugget", the most important point of the lesson. Is it listening to others to be influenced or finding your truth? Being raw is valuable but is not enough without good control. I guess the most I got out of this is be yourself.

Nina & Allegra

How do you find inspiration without imitating other artists? I find that I sing best when I am joking around. I think it is a confidence issue... But is it okay to make fun of yourself when you are starting out?

A fellow student

Mmm. May be it's not for me. I'm an actress. I'm familiar with this content.

Jennifer B.

You’re so in touch with humanity. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful for who I am in this body, in my truth.