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Overcoming Mistakes

Christina Aguilera

Lesson time 9:02 min

If you sang the wrong lyrics of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, how would you recover? Christina reflects on the most difficult mistakes of her career and how to overcome them.

Christina Aguilera
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Mistakes-- something that will happen. And I've been performing on stage and for audiences and sporting events since I was seven. I mean, you're going to have good performances and you're going to have bad performances. The bottom line, stuff happens-- it's inevitable. And it's not the thing that actually happens, it's how you pick yourself up from that mistake. Sometimes the mistake might be great. Maybe it propels you into a different form of growing and learning for yourself, or it opens up a whole different world of understanding; maybe a new level of something that you can project in an artistic way. There are bigger scale quote, unquote "mistakes" where there's-- an infamous moment for me that happened when I fumbled a couple of words within a verse of the national anthem. And I wasn't at seven years old, when I'm doing these anthems for smaller games, this was the Super Bowl. And so something that's like such a staple for certain people and such a big game-- worldwide, and for so many viewers to witness, it can be a devastating thing. And so it took me a moment to step back from like, "Oh, my god. I can't believe this is such a newsworthy thing." And these are the things that you have to know going in as a performer. And I was prepared-- I've been singing the song since I was seven. And so it's just so crazy that that would end up being an experience of mine. But it's a moment that happened to me and it's in my journey. And at the time it was pretty humiliating because I'm like, "Oh, my gosh." On one hand I'm like, what's the big deal? And on the other, you feel bad that you disappointed people in that moment. Your perfectionist inside is disappointed in yourself. Probably it that mistake hadn't have happened, I wouldn't be so relaxed today because I wouldn't have had to work on sort of extra anxiety like, oh, my gosh, am I going to forget a lyric? Am I going to miss a step and sort of trip over the train of my gown? There's so many factors to be taken into consideration. But hey, you have to pick up the pieces and you have to move on-- it's a new day. Are you a horrible singer if you make a mistake? No, you made a mistake, you're human. Safety nets and preparing for the worst could come in any shape or form. So it could be-- I've learned, and it only comes from learning from past mistakes-- being on stage. I think every performer has something that didn't work perfectly. And I've seen almost every artist at some point or another trip over something or fall down a stair or for get a word or whatever. And it's a part of the beauty of live performing; you win some, you lose some, but it's what happens after the fact. You get back and you go at it again. And, hmm, let me make a mental note. Maybe I can use some words to the side just to fully prep myself. Maybe I can make sure the length of my dress isn't at a place ...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This class reminded me of who I am and why I'll always love Christina :)

Thank You Christina, I really felt like you were in the room and the class felt more like a conversation at a dinner table which is exactly what I was after in signing up for this. Haven't looked at the workbooks yet but will refer back to them when getting ready for performances. Thank you again!

The performing techniques that she shared, especially the recording tips, were really helpful.

I am really happy to hear about singing from the heart and not caring about a wrong note. All I want to do is sing with my heart, without fear.


Chava G.

Everyone normally experiences anxiety, stress, fear, regret or something not wanted happening. Don't believe the hype, for or against you. Don't let anyone stop you - the show must go on! Haters have nothing better to do than hate, but if you love your craft, it's your moment, give them what they came for and enjoy yourself, speak the truth. Great lesson, Ms. Aguilera.

A fellow student

This was the best lesson so far and probably the most important in the series! Thank you Christina for being so honest , open and YOURSELF!

Champness J.

If I was only allowed to take one sentence away from this course, it's the one at the end of this lesson: "Anybody can say anything they want, but as long as you speak your truth... that's all that matters." It's similar to my favorite Sting lyric: "Be true to yourself, no matter what they say." Great advice, and not just for performing.

Michael A. G.

Such a relief and help. I had a producer come up to my band pre show one time at a huge show and tell us. "We can't all be winners boys. Good luck." There were members of Wings talking to us when this happened.

Jonathan S.

Ladies and Gentlemen, listen to this woman! This is truly a mature performer. I've been performing for 50 years, and she is covering it all. I continue to be very impressed. A story about staying positive: Dick Cavett tells about the time he was driving across country and his agent got him some gigs along the way. He was performing his comedy set at a church and getting no response. After he finished what felt like the longest show of his life, he stood in the reception line. One woman shook his hand and said, "Oh, Mr. Cavett, you were so funny we could hardly keep from laughing." This was a religious community where people kept their emotions to themselves. That taught him to perform every show as it they loved him. That has helped me a lot with quiet audiences. Now about a loud audience: I was the MC and singer for a group of dancers. My job was to fill the time while the dancers changed their costumes. One time we played an Air Force base, and whenever I came on, the guys would boo and shout "bring back the girls!" completely messing up my act. After the second time, I chuckled and said, "Hey, you know, it's up to me when they come back, so you gotta treat me nice." To my amazement, they quieted right down, laughed at my jokes and clapped for my songs. I agree with Christina: handle it with humor and just keep moving.

Ryan L.

The most amazing comeback from a mistake I've seen was Darci Lynne Farmer in America's Got Talent. Seeing this young girl on live TV watched by millions able to keep her cool after flubbing her song's very first line and get back into it after just a few seconds convinced me more than anything else of her talent.

Kristine K.

This is a great lesson for everything you do in life. Great lesson and I lover her vulnerability. That is why she is a great artist. She puts vulnerability and strength in one song and performance. Thank you for giving back Christina!

Ricardo M.

It's one of the most important lessons for us that usually is learned through pain. You have to be prepared for things not going the way you want them to, usually at a crucial time where you can't afford them to go wrong. But you have to find a way to use it to your benefit & still try & get a connection. You will be better for it, speaking from personal experience. It ain't fun for sure but you'll be thankful later on for these lessions. Never Forget who you are & what brought you to the "dance".

A fellow student

I completely agree on everything, as all artists human, what she said came from heart, I had unforgettable moments that people, came in my space, saying I can't sing, or I criticized when ever I do live performance on Facebook or karaoke bars or pub... I never forget that moment, he was drunk and it was hero's, I was protected and surround with lot of beautiful woman. But he did try to put me of, but I believed in myself and carried on. This lesson has certainly given me the strength to carry on my passion of singing, this has been an inspiring lesson, thanks for being open and honest.

Fience A.

Oh God cheers Christina for such an inspiring lesson and also for reminding us for being human. I need to learn to be brave , and get yourself back up after stumbling upon your mistakes and errors, most importantly learn from it. That's how you can live your life to the fullest. And that's how love and passion for your art come from.