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Christina Aguilera

Lesson time 02:08 min

Take the next step. Learn from Christina how to own the difficult moments and continue following your dreams.

Christina Aguilera
Teaches Singing
Christina teaches you her unique vocal techniques in over 3.5 hours of voice lessons and exercises.


Thank you everyone, for coming on this journey with me. I've really enjoyed this experience of masterclass, and I hope that I have given you something to think about, something to sing about, something to learn from, something to discover about yourself. And hopefully, inspire the next generation of amazing talent. We all sort of do what we do as musicians, as artists, and rarely, do we really have the opportunity to sit down and talk about real music and singing and voice. And it's taken me a moment to sort of sit with myself sometimes and say, how do I break that down to sort of illustrate to a student or someone interested in knowing how I hit a certain note, or open up my throat to hit a lower tone or a higher tone. Or even giving insight about anxiety and performing. And there's so many different elements to it all. But if you cannot live without music in your life and you feel joy and a sense of release, relief, and love for when you open your mouth and you hear the sound of your voice come out, when you listen to music in song, and you can't help but want to be a part of what that is and feel that magic that happens inside of you, then you push through. You are unique. You are special. You are so talented. And I just hope you never let anyone discourage you. A moment is a moment. Don't get stuck in a moment. Move on, keep trudging on, and do your thing. Own your moment. And good luck. [CHRISTINA AGUILERA - BEAUTIFUL]

Your New Voice Teacher

Christina Aguilera teaches you how to expand your range, find your voice, and master the techniques that have earned her five Grammy Awards. In her first-ever online singing class, you’ll learn warm-up exercises, breath control, vibrato, her signature growls, and hear Christina break down her biggest hits. You’ve never had vocal lessons like this before.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I am really happy to hear about singing from the heart and not caring about a wrong note. All I want to do is sing with my heart, without fear.

So far I am enjoying these lessons! I just wish there was more examples and explanations. I understand it's a masterclass, but I would've like more.

I am a singer-songwriter and singing teacher. Absolutely wonderful insight into one of the greatest voices of our times!!

Excellent! Great information about the form and function of vocals but also the heart and soul. Very encouraging and this class has made an impact on me.


Stella L.

Christina!! I Love You - I'm an artist - I really enjoyed your course- Namaste


This was a great masterclass, thank you Christina! I didn't expect it to be so much about motivation, self-centering and finding you're true voice as an artist! Really interesting I will definitely go back to have some motivation insights on some of you're videos! Thank you for your hard work, and great music!

A fellow student

Very interesting and inspiring! Thank you so much! I feel, know and express my truth and no one can stop me!

christine F.

More than the profesionalism of Christina, I want to say my admiration for the human being behind the voice. I am 64 y old and I want to learn how to sing, obviously a long run in front of me but I could not stop to listen to the beautiful words coming out. Thanks for the openess and comfort that you have shared and give to all these young people that believed in their talents and want to offer us joy. You have surprised me and wish you to the best future as you totally deserved not the fame but the rewards of being you.

Tamara V.

As a musician who has been an instrumentalist ( violist, keys, bass guitar) for most of my life, I wanted to expand my musicianship by taking Christina's MasterClass. She is incredibly professional, positive, & her words helped me realize I've been practicing my vocals correctly. Vocals are newer for me, but as a musician, I have the ear training/knowhow, but some things I wasnt sure about, so She answered them for me here in these classes. This is great for any level as well, there is always something to learn from another artist.

Alice B.

I don't sing professionally, so most of the tips on things like the mic, the relation with the audience and similar were not my primary focus. I instead found really helpful the lesson with the three students, because Christina makes everything look so simple that I really had to see what others would achieve actually trying what she was teaching. I really wanted to go deep on the emotional and acting side of singing and I think that she was very specific and helpfull on that theme.

A fellow student

Insightful. I can see a deep passion for music. It's what she knows best in her own way, and I respect that.

Sosa O.

This class has helped me express myself and to not listen to others. Now I know that I should be proud of myself and my mistakes. Thank you, Christina, for teaching me how to be free.

Raine A.

This class has reminded me of a dream that I had long forgotten, and quite frankly, given up on. After multiple diagnoses and consequential medical experiences, I lost my confidence in my abilities. Much of this was due to the actual loss of those abilities, period. Now that I am regaining my strength and rediscovering my passions, the fire in my belly in dancing faster than ever and I am ready for it. I thank this class in particular for reminding me what it feels like to dream, and showing me what it means to do something about that dream. The little girl in me that believes anything is possible has been silenced for some time – too many people have told her to “shut up,” even when she was innocent, humming quietly to herself. Her voice is being quickly unmuted, however, as I learn to let go of my ego in its moments of turmoil and judgement. All along that voice is what kept me going, it’s what kept me alive – my life energy, my source of divine inspiration. A little while ago, I realized how much I deserve to express myself freely, as does any other human. Now it’s up to me to actually do something about it and to provide myself the space to sing from my soul. Thank you, Christina, for always being my number one vocal inspiration, and for remaining such a strong female regardless of what this industry hurls at you. Your strength rings true, and inspires many others such as myself to do the same. Your effect on me shows me that I can have the same effect on others, and for that I am eternally grateful, for it eases the ache in me that wants so badly to connect. It shows me so many possibilities, and I finally know how to recognize that ‘voice within’ and follow her melody to my future self, my truest self. Thank you. Go Team Underdogs:)

Margaux G.

Dear Christina, thank You for shared professional experience and personal stories. It was great to know more about such a magnificent singer. Vocal is only my hobby but now I feel power to make some ideas come true. Thank's the Masterclass Team for this project and opportunity to be fully inspired by stars.