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Learn how to develop your inner-rhythm and experiment with beat to reinvent a performance. Watch Christina play with beat and tempo to breathe new life into Say Something and Aint No Other Man.

Topics include: Case study: Say Something • Case study: Ain't No Other Man


Learn how to develop your inner-rhythm and experiment with beat to reinvent a performance. Watch Christina play with beat and tempo to breathe new life into Say Something and Aint No Other Man.

Topics include: Case study: Say Something • Case study: Ain't No Other Man

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A singer's relationship with rhythm is like a dance. There are so many different styles of rhythms and tempos. And you know, everything has a rhythm and a tempo. It's about finding it and making sure you sort of have this relationship with it internally. Rhythm is sort of a natural sensibility. You can work with practicing with somebody or finding somebody that has good rhythm and tempo and knows how to keep that. Working with the drummer is amazing to try and them lock it in and you trying to make sure you have that same timing with them. Again, this boils down to a feeling and a gut reaction to it. And everybody sort of has a different approach sometimes to how to sing with a beat. That's where songwriting is so interesting, because you can sort of interpret that beat. The same beat can become a valid as an uptempo. But when you're on record and you're trying to make a statement that lives in stone, setting the initial tone for what you're trying to put out there, you want to make it what it is. So it's important to get that rhythm process right in the recording studio. And sometimes you might not even know you're a little bit relaxing on the beat. Sometimes you might be ahead of the beat, because you're just excited about it and whatnot. And you need somebody to kind of coach you and be like, oh, you know what, you're a little bit rushing so maybe ease back on the tempo a little bit. And it is a certain placement. You know, it's a dance. [MUSIC PLAYING] An example of sort of revamping a song, reinventing it, if you will, and trying to figure out a different type of doing it on the fly with them, we're going to just see about what happens when you put a beat behind "Say Something" "Say Something" is something that's completely naked and the fact that you feel naked when you sing it, because there's nothing to hide behind. There's no drums. There's no this. There's no that. So what would happen if we gave "Say Something" a rhythm, so in making it like some kind of a mid-tempo. What would that sound like? OK. And then if you want to process it, maybe process for a second, how you feel it, how you internalize it, and then how I would maybe do it. [MUSIC - CHRISTINA AGUILERA, "SAY SOMETHING"] (SINGING) Say, say something I'm, I'm giving up on you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sorry that I, I couldn't get to you. Oh, oh, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Anywhere I, anywhere I would've followed you. I mean, it can be anything. You know, this is like just free styling and vibing with the band. [MUSIC- CHRISTINA AGULIERA, "SAY SOMETHING"] Say something, say something, I'm giving up on you, giving up on, I'm giving up on, giving up on you, you, you, you. Say you, you, you, you. You, you, you. Oh, yeah. And this were I'm starting add ad-lib. But it's finding that rhythm and just jamming with it. You k...

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Christina Aguilera teaches you how to expand your range, find your voice, and master the techniques that have earned her five Grammy Awards. In her first-ever online singing class, you’ll learn warm-up exercises, breath control, vibrato, her signature growls, and hear Christina break down her biggest hits. You’ve never had vocal lessons like this before.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I am a singer songwriter from Mexico and I've have a singing carrear on this country. Never in my live I imagine to hace one of the most amazing singers in the world teaching me more about emotion an to live in the moment. I now realize that I sing almost all the time from my head an not from my soul and that have just changed my live. I love this master class. Sorry about my spelling

Get in touch with my inner self and conscious about what´s inside, what gives me the strength to do things and always remember that every step of the journey is part of my story.

This was a beautiful class of discovery about the proper care of body and voice.

To interconnect the dynamics of music performance and inner self-togetherness in conjunction with the technicality of singing. HF


Garvit A.

The slower Ain't no other was just spectacular. I got tears in my eyes when I heard it. Amazing improvisation. I love you Christina!

Rachel M.

Funnily enough, I did something of a remix last year. I was trying to cover Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" only to realize, I couldn't really get into the beat of the song, or more specifically, the style. I tried looking up a different instrumental and found a piano cover and just put my own spin on the song based on that instrumental:

A fellow student

Learning to breathe right and let my soul come forth with song. i like the idea a song can be performed in different ways. I mean you have the melody but the rhythm can change. Our Master has a great voice.


Love how she instructs us on a topic - such as this one. And then she follows up with outstanding examples. Thank you! I've studied music throughout my life but these lessons inspire me with new ideas in growing as a musician.

Ignacio L.

I went from not caring or knowing much about Christina to now I am equally infatuated and impressed with her. She's super smart and it shows in her knowledge, ability, and communcations. What a joy she is! New fan here. Feeling free and happy.


I LOve how beautiful her voice is in every note! WOW! I am impressed, I guess that is why she is so successful> : )

Debbie R.

Absolutely amazing Christina is!! Love it.. my singing teacher told me I have problems with blending in with the music ... bc I feel it too much what I sing I tend to go into my own world and sometimes lose the connection .... is this fixable ? Or am I doomed for life lol Can anyone advise on what method I could use to open up my ear more ... Thanks guys!! :) peace ✌️


This is what I am looking for, adding a jazzy upbeat that matches a rhythmic transition!

Frank D.

Amazing how transitioning to other tempo's and beats can change the feel of the song so much. Incredibly impressive the improvisational abilities to riff on the fly.


I liked the 2nd version of the songs better then the originals. I especially liked 'An't No Other Man' with the ab-libs. That was awesome.