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Christina's Journey

Christina Aguilera

Lesson time 11:37 min

Christina reflects on her career journey and shares with you the most important lessons she's learned along the way.

Christina Aguilera
Teaches Singing
Christina teaches you her unique vocal techniques in over 3.5 hours of voice lessons and exercises.


I came up and was introduced to the world in a sort of very unique time of music where it was the pop explosion. You had your boy bands, and you had your teen little starlets. And there were a few of us that came out of a TV show called The Mickey Mouse Club, where I guess that was sort of a little bit of a training camp. The casting agent was genius for that, obviously. He got Justin and Britney and me, and Ryan Gosling, and these amazing talents that have come out of that, and have become very successful. But it was a very interesting time for me, though, because I was so in love and interested in singing soul music, and I would intertwine with everything that I could do, that I was allowed to do. I was very kept under a tight leash. I was told not to ad lib too much, I was told not to do runs or slides. I felt extremely confined. Thankful for the opportunity, of course. [MUSIC PLAYING - CHRISTINA AGUILERA, "FIGHTER] The ultimate turning point would be landing my record deal. I mean, that's where everything changed. Landing my record deal at came hand-in-hand with a song that I had on the Mulan soundtrack called "Reflection," and that was the very first thing I had recorded. And making my first record was an interesting journey. I learned a lot about the business, a lot about myself, what I liked, what I didn't like, and how I wanted it to be better in the future. So that was the real turning point. And then once success happens, hopefully, after your record is released, that's when the real journey begins. There are a lot of people out there that make records and have success. But maintaining that success is also another step. In order to have a career in this business, you've got to be ready to work. It's work, it's hard. You've got to really love what you're doing. Singing, making music, being around creativity. Just love it. Because it's going to be work, and it's grueling. So, without the passion and the drive and the commitment and the dream behind it, it's not even worth it. [MUSIC PLAYING - CHRISTINA AGUILERA, "BEAUTIFUL"] My first record was honestly my most commercially successful record at that time. It was huge. And yet unfortunately, I was unhappy, because I felt like I wasn't being honest with myself. And I felt a little boxed up, and I felt caged, and I felt-- you know, it didn't feel real to me. And I was grateful for the success and the accolades and things like that. But over the years, thank God for that first record, you play the game and you put your foot in the door, I was able to then go on to making music that I truly did feel resonated with me, and spoke my truths. And that's where Stripped, the title came from. Even though at the time, sometimes, it might have been seen as a sexual connotation. Because my first single-- I mean, talk about wanting to break free of that box and be like, ...

About the Instructor

Christina Aguilera teaches you how to expand your range, find your voice, and master the techniques that have earned her five Grammy Awards. In her first-ever online singing class, you’ll learn warm-up exercises, breath control, vibrato, her signature growls, and hear Christina break down her biggest hits. You’ve never had vocal lessons like this before.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for all of your generosity here Christina! you've inspired me to improve my artistry and my attitude towards it! cheers, Kasey

Get in touch with my inner self and conscious about what´s inside, what gives me the strength to do things and always remember that every step of the journey is part of my story.

I've had a lot of formal voice training and it was so nice to get a different "real world" perspective from an artist who's "been there, done that". Christina came across as genuine and willing to share aspects of herself and her journey. I got the impression that she really cares about having an impact and helping other artists reach their goals.

This class has helped me with how to sing better and to not linger on mistakes and learn how to be proud of myself.


Monika J.

I would use it for my own research on how to empower my own works. Thank you, Aguilera.

Morgan D.

"Without the passion, it's not even worth it." I feel like I've learned so much truth in the past few lessons...

A fellow student

This class was crap. She never actually says anything other than believe in yourself or listen to other singers.

A fellow student

This is how i feel about singing because of Master Christina: "you make my heart dance; my soul dare; my lips yearn; my body all of me for i know nothing can compare to you princess when you give your love; take love from me; angel to angel tonight ; we can live eternal; love is all power of God for Heaven we live for". I sang the whole song to my friend and i got my first applause. Thank you.

Rocky E.

My daughter is 8 years old and just loves Christina,She has been learning to sing and just is so amazing to me to watch her grow.She is in Thailand instructed by many different teachers.I was just daydreaming how cool it would be if Christina could come over there visit the schools teaching singing, what that would do to such young minds, Poverty is everywhere there, most kids need a way out yet cannot afford classes.My hope is to someday to open a school that can instruct these kids towards a better life.Christina has inspired so many kids there .Her songs are very hard to do ,My daughter loves the voice within, currently trying to tackle it .


Watch her early videos as she sang as a kid was cool to see. I wrote in my journal and it was fun as I tried it as a song.

Vanessa B.

Remember this. As performers, our journey is part of others' journeys. You could inspire someone with your message or you could speak to someone with your confidence or passion. Sometimes, people resent passion. I'm a Scorpio and I'm very passionate. I speak from personal experience when I say that not everybody will understand your passion; they may be intimidated by it and may try to destroy that passion. But I'm not giving up. Neither should any of you. Because what may be intimidating to others or resented by others may be inspiring to someone. Keep at it, don't give up and block out the noise. That's what Stripped taught me!

Ray U.

So inspiring. It's all about getting back up, getting back in the game!!!!! Thank you, Christina. Such inspiring songs, words, lessons!!! Loving it all!!! :) :)

Karina C.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Christina for sharing your open heart and for the inspiration! I love you 💕. I hope you are back in The Voice. It is too bad you are not there anymore because you are way much better coach than Gwen. We , singers, need you there!! I like Gwen but you are way better. I miss you there. These classes are wonderful and I hope you give us another seminar in the future ! Love, xoxo 😘


I love this! Christina, I'm a Leo. lol. This is exactly how I think. It's comforting to hear this too. You can feel alone a lot being introverted and having a strong passion for something. It's like a lot of people don't understand that so they just judge. Thank you for this ! :)