Culinary Arts

Make: Beef Wellington

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 24:18 min

He's served over a million of this classic dish all around the globe! Now, Gordon demystifies his iconic Beef Wellington for you to share this showstopper with friends and family.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I have learned new techniques and new recipes that I have and will mostly all try at home. The fact that the host has no time limit to explain a recipe is fantastic.

Loved the approach. Great technique advices with detailed explanations, and very good recipes.

It was a solid series. I could do more with more recipies. Some of the more simplistic recipies would have been nice. I did learn a few things but most of the ingredients for protiens are not readily available in the US.

loved learning more about something i love to do from a true master.


A fellow student

my first attempt, loved it. These class are taking my cooking to the next level. Cant wait to cook it again.

Kiara K.

This was my first attempt - I am looking forward to trying it out again when I can save up to buy all the ingredients.

A fellow student

Searing to lock in the juices? Seriously? In 2020? The myth was busted more than 20 years ago... This is sad.

Kiara K.

I made Beef Wellington for the second time. Following this recipe it came out so much more professional looking! Thank you!


Thank you, I have learned so much. I am looking forward to making pasta for the first time every along with your Beef Wellington.

A fellow student

Literally Literally Literally I literally want to punch him for using literally as an emphasis word

A fellow student

If you prep it the night before (up to the step of wrapping it with the pancake), then in the morning wrap it in puff pastry and cook it? How long should it cook for at 425F to get medium rare? Should I let it sit before and come to a warmer temperature before wrapping it in puff pastry? If I wanted a medium cook, how much longer should I cook it for?

Scott C.

I loved making this dish! Recommendations (FWIW): - careful on the salt. GR seems to use a lot of salt. - learn the geometry of the fillet, so you can better gage how much pastry, prosciutto, etc is needed - you cannot cook too much duxelle - savory crepe is optional - ask your butcher for a fillet without tendons - red wine, like a cab or malbec - enjoy the heck out of this dish!!

Bambi K.

Does anyone have input on how much can be prepared a day ahead? With Thanksgiving around the corner, anything that can be done the day before is helpful. My only concern is wrapping the tenderloin in the crepe a day ahead would make the crepe soggy? Thoughts ...

Heather H.

I've made Beef Wellington for Christmas a few times and it was always challenging getting the pastry to stick to the beef (and not be soggy). His crepe in between - not to mention all the other brilliant, flavorful layers - is brilliant! Can't wait to try this!