Culinary Arts

Make: Beef Wellington

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 24:39 min

He's served over a million of this classic dish all around the globe! Now, Gordon demystifies his iconic Beef Wellington for you to share this showstopper with friends and family.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

i improve my cooking skills, and I really learn how to cook and cook right, and very happy but i would like to have more recipe with only organic foodªªª!

Loved it, great review as well as learned new techniques:)

Was amazing as he is my favourite chef and would one day love to work under him or with him. love the way he explains stuff in detail.

It helped me learn some kitchen techniques I haven't seen before and allowed me to see the art in food.


Kelli D.

I am making this for my mums birthday tomorrow and if its anything like the rest of your lessons it will be amazing! I too hope to visit one of your restaurants in my lifetime at least once because you truly are the heart of my inspiration. Thank you for the most amazing tips I've EVER been given.

Dusha A.

Mr. Ramsey, one day I will come to one of your restaurants to dinner. And I'll make one of your stuff pass my Beef Wellington to you. Please, don't fire this person, be aware that I'll be very insistive:) And, please, don't put my name into a black list - I'll make sure that beef is good enough to be sent to you as an appreciation for your masterclass:)

Jeff T.

Hoping this will find Mr. Ramsay. I have loved making this dish. It has become a wonderful highlight dinner through the winter months here in Canada. I am curious about a comment you made during a sort of simplified version of this recipe on Youtube. In about a month I will be entraining two large families and a single wellington simply won't do it. I am curious, can you leave the wellington, wrapped in the crepe for more than the time allotted? I am thinking it'd be great to prepare two wellingtons early afternoon and then wrap them in the puff pastry later in the day. I think you had said 20 minutes... but can that be extended to several hours? Cheers.

Teresa W.

I made beef wellington for the 3rd time. This is so far the best. Not perfect but it was really good.

Robert M.

I have made Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington on several occasions in the past and decided to change it up and make Salmon En Croute instead. It was really easy to make and the result was breath taking!

A fellow student

It turned out great!!!! I’m going to be hosting every fucking dinner party. Thanks Gordon!


nailed it the first time! i cooked the filet sous-vide with rosemary before searing, and added minced shallots, garlic, thyme flowers, and cream to the mushroom duxelle.

Alex R.

Chef`s Beef Wellington served with bacon bedded scallop, golden brussels sprouts, and carrot puree.

George K.

In the beginning the recipe seemed strange with all those ingredients combined but the result justified everything! Thank you Chef!!!

James E.

PS: Stay tuned for the tips on encasing the Wellington. I have done this dish a couple of times...but I know how to do it better after this lesson on forming a pastry case.