Culinary Arts

Make: Chicken Suprême with Root Vegetables

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 17:35 min

Ditch dry chicken. From the stove to the oven, learn how Gordon creates a simple, yet delicious entrée using this humble protein. You won't want to miss the way Chef Ramsay roasts his root vegetables before plating this dish.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I learned the thinking and ideology behind good cooking, from someone who spent decades mastering it. I learned technique and tricks to improve my own cooking.

Instructor, Gordan Ramsey's enthusiasm makes this class 5 stars. Both Ramsey and Keller left me wanting more...that is my only disappointment ..wish more was covered, especially for the price tag. Thank you Chef Ramsey!

I really enjoyed the class and learned quite a lot. If anything, I wish there were a few more recipe demonstrations. Thank you Chef.

Always felt mentored by Gordon Ramsay, even within Hells Kitchen and Masterchef, Finally get to experience his tutelage Face to Face.



What little I’ve seen is good, but nothing will download, the videos won’t open and I’m sat for 30 mins each time and nothing happens. I’m using an I pad running version 11. Has anybody else had this problem?

A fellow student

I cooked it and it turned out great , but as with some others on here I too am struggling getting the sauce right , I don't have access to Demi glace , so I'm using stock , but he says "reduced stock" so does that mean I have to simmer down and reduce the stock before adding it ? also yeah it doesn't seem to be thick enough :/... I always struggle with sauces for some reason can never get em right

A fellow student

Had a go at it tonight after breaking down my first chicken and making that awesome stock. Turned out beautiful. I did overcook the chicken a bit but it was still delicious. Didn't have Brandy so I used 12 yr Rum. Used reduced chicken stock as demi-glace. Superb!

Robert M.

The jus sauce in this recipe is amazing! The brandy, deglaze and the house made broth really brings out the flavour.

James H.

Processed a chicken and made it this evening. I didn't have brandy or apple juice, so I used the juice of one orange. Delicious!

Kevin M.

Great sauce. The skin was a little chewy, wondering if it was because it sat in the butter in the oven. Any thoughts on cooking it skin size up to keep it crisp? Or maybe training a little butter before putting it in the oven?

Ann Marie

I loved the sauce and the veggies. The chicken breasts were tough, I think it is no fault of the recipe but would love advice on how to pick out optimal chicken pieces.

Daniel P.

My pan sauce did not reduce, it burned, making a horrible pile of granules. Everything else was good, though. Gordon doesn't appear to try to reduce his jus after squeezing it through the strainer, but I was following the PDF (didn't have the video in the kitchen). My advice to future students: skip that step! Thicken with a roux or some cornstarch if the jus is too thin, don't try cooking it down again. The butter will burn.

Veronica M.

In case anyone was interested.... You can buy GR's plates here I actually bought the blue collection well before really knowing what GR was all about because I loved the color and the simplicity of the style. They are sturdy and the pasta bowls particularly have a ton of uses. Only draw back is that the salad plates are not available anywhere anymore.

Veronica M.

I just realized that chicken breast alone never comes with the skin on it... anyone know request skin on chicken breast from the butcher? Guess I have to buy whole chickens now... but at least now I know how to take it apart!