Culinary Arts

Make: Chicken Suprême with Root Vegetables

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 17:35 min

Ditch dry chicken. From the stove to the oven, learn how Gordon creates a simple, yet delicious entrée using this humble protein. You won't want to miss the way Chef Ramsay roasts his root vegetables before plating this dish.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I loved this class! It helped me sharpen a lot of my basic cooking skills.

This Masterclass has left me inspired, with actionable steps to take and become better at cooking and in life than I was before.

Gordon teaches and tells you really good tips along the way!!!

What an amazing story. Not only did I learn food preparation techniques , cooking and how to present a fine meal but I regained my passion for fine food and am inspired to try new things. Thank you


A fellow student

I only did the chicken and it was fucking delicious, Even though the chicken breast is a tough part of the chicken when I took it out form the oven it was very juicy and tender.


If you are cooking for a family with kids, should you take out the brandy? And if so, what should you replace it with? I know he said the alcohol burns off, but I'm just wondering.

Cindy K.

HOLY COW! What a spectacular dish. Beautiful, yet simple and nutritious, with amazing flavors. Thank you Chef!!!

A fellow student

A great lesson in precision, technique and classic display of french cuisine. Thank you!


Chef you are an artist. The passion you bring makes me motivated to be better in the Kitchen. Thank you Sir

A fellow student

The softer side of Gordon is such a pleasure to watch He is a lovely teacher. Passionate, informative, smart and very attractive.

Margot N.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this dish. I also love how passionate you are about the ingredients. I often do baby vegetables in the oven, but am looking forward to trying your method of placing them on top of the herbs (rather than herbs on top) and the alfoil and stove top start to the dish.

Renny P.

I really love this recipe and was trying to impress my husband for our valentine’s dinner. I was using veal demi-glace for the sauce and added some black truffles to compliment the whole dish.

Bradley H.

Excellent lesson. Just the subtle changes and details resulted in compliments from my teenage sons-what higher praise can you get?

A fellow student

Hi, I'm new in this class. Would like to know what if I use red wine instead of brandy, when making the sauce? Would you recommend? why, or why not? Thanks