Culinary Arts

Make: Chicken Suprême with Root Vegetables

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 17:35 min

Ditch dry chicken. From the stove to the oven, learn how Gordon creates a simple, yet delicious entrée using this humble protein. You won't want to miss the way Chef Ramsay roasts his root vegetables before plating this dish.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Wow, so much too learn. Gordon's passion is amazing!

I learned about pasta making and pan sauce creating. Also to find my passion and see where it takes me with hard determination

Based on some of the coursework, I have started routinely making my own pasta and my knife techniques are getting better.

Gordon Ramsay is able to communicate so clearly that everything becomes much simpler. It is because of his savvy and passion that he is successful and peerless mentoring those around him. In my opinion when I hear Chef I imagine Gordon Ramsay.


Carl D.

How would you burn off the alcohol if you are using an induction stove, and with a fan closely above the stove top?

A fellow student

I love this series, but it is pretty annoying that you don't mention how you made your demi-glace, that's pretty important.

A fellow student

I made this for the first time last night for the family. It was exquisite and so simple! The chicken spoke volumes! So juicy, and came out perfect. Burnt my fingers on the pan after pulling it out of the oven, but very well with the pain to make such a simple and delicious dish.

Ryan R.

This is a magnificent Master Class. I've used the oven roasted vegetables portion several times with some nice substitutions being Chinese eggplant and sweet potato.

Robert S.

Just finished another lesson in Gordon Ramsay’s Master class. Tonight it was Chicken Breast Supreme with root vegetables. It was the most delicious and juicy chicken I have ever tasted. The wedge shaped vegetable is golden beets the carrots came from my garden.

Gabrielle F.

Lovely lesson. I've been cooking since I was a kid and this is the first time anyone has ever told me what side of the aluminum foil was supposed to go down. LOL! That said, if you have a glass top electric stove can you still do the preheat technique for roasting the veggies or does it have to be over a gas flame? Also, I was also taught never to pour the liquor directly over the pan while it's on the heat because the flames can shoot back up into the bottle causing it to explode. Does it change the flambay any if you take the pan off the stove top shortly while you add the liquor?


My years of destroying chicken breast are over. I was unable to duplicate the recipe but the method here is phenomenal. I had skinless breast so I was a bit worried about dryness but gave it a shot. I substituted the brandy with a German Oktoberfest Beir and just reduced that with no demiglace. Sliced the breast and topped with the absolute beautiful, melt in your mouth Oktoberfest chicken breast. Not having the skin was not an issue.

Adriaan S.

"Great lesson! His handling of the fire was cool, and his knowledge of chicken is praise-worthy! Liked the comment on truffle pricey-ness."

Alise R.

Uh, am I the only one puzzled at his 2-second hand-washing after handling chicken and the touchy-touchy of the pepper mill and all other things w/out washing at all? Perhaps its because he has an entourage of helpers that disinfect afterward.

lois X.

This looks amazing. Not too sure about adding the brandy, I would get burned! Wonder about the oven temp?