Culinary Arts

Make: Chicken Suprême with Root Vegetables

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 17:35 min

Ditch dry chicken. From the stove to the oven, learn how Gordon creates a simple, yet delicious entrée using this humble protein. You won't want to miss the way Chef Ramsay roasts his root vegetables before plating this dish.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I have long been a die hard Ramsay fan, and have cooked my way through countless of his recipes and series. This has been especially rewarding and I have somehow learned more than I would have with years of cooking shows presented by him. Loved it loved it loved it! Next I am onto Keller and Puck, two other cooking heroes.

This class helped me understand alot of things such the side of cooking no one really knows about also i learned alot from the recipes

I learned about pasta making and pan sauce creating. Also to find my passion and see where it takes me with hard determination

Learning from someone who is this passionate about what it is they do is very inspiring. There is much more to learn from Mr. Ramsay than just cooking. The life advise he gives is as important and impactful as the methods and recipes.


A fellow student

Oh wow oh wow oh wow. I started with a whole chicken this evening, and ended up with some baked legs, thighs and wings, and then did the chicken supreme recipe, and have a stock working on the stove with the leftover bones. I've never really cooked chicken myself because I didn't really know how. And now I'm having some of the most amazing chicken I've ever had, whether I cooked it or not. I have had some trouble getting a few of the ingredients, so I've made a few substitutions, but the techniques and information GR is sharing has already upped my cooking - particularly my egg game so far. I really can't wait for what's next.

A fellow student

Here's how my dish looked. Definitely enjoyed this recipe! The demi-glaze took about 2 hours to prepare. I used chicken bone broth. It was salty enough on its own and didn't require any additional seasoning. I think the flavor of the truffles really complimented the sauce.

Vanessa C.

I f*cking love Gordon, but that dirty cloth is killing me... That's a big no no in my kitchen. Also, that is NOT washing hands: it's introducing water to your fingertips.

Zlatomira P.

This is my first try and I am very pleased with the result! For the first time my chicken is not dry but instead juicy and full of taste. Thank you Ramsy!

darren N.

I'm enjoying the lessons as well. Learning something new in each lesson. BUT, I also have to point out that the raw chicken hygiene needs to be improved. I'm hoping he is just doing it "quick" and "dirty" because it's a quick demo in his own kitchen. First he picked up the pepper mill right after handling the raw chicken. Then grabbed his dry cloth Before washing his hands. Then dried his hands on the now contaminated cloth and then proceeded to use the rag to brush off the wood cutting board. Again, it's probably because of time and filming but hope he does it differently in real restaurants .

Ben F.

"Lightly season it" proceeds to put enough salt for four people on one breast.

Jonathan B.

Just made this dish for lunch and the family loved it! Can’t wait for baby vegetable season to roll around so I can try this with the more tender vegetables.

Victor C.

Just made the dish for lunch for my family and they all loved it. The steps are straight forward enough even for a newbie. thank you Gordon! Will try with red wine instead of whisky to make the sauce next time and see what is the difference.


I agree with Phil, that quick wash of hands probably doesn't save much :). But I have another trouble. When I deglaze the pan, it will glaze again soon. Shall I reduce the temperature, or empty the pan right after it deglazes?

Phil A.

"Quick wash of the hands" at 5:50. NO! You don't just splash your hands with water; more than a quarter of all raw poultry has been confirmed to have salmonella. Use anti-bacterial soap or sanitizer! I am not at the level of Gordo, but I will not just splash my hands in a little running water. When I worked as a prep cook cubing chicken breasts, we took no chances. We covered the table with a trash bag, and then thoroughly mopped the floor underneath with bleach afterward. I had a hotel pan for raw breasts and a bucket for the cubes. Anywhere any juice (water, blood etc.) touched was thoroughly sanitized. And our restaurant generally had a 98.5 to 99.5 out of 100 sanitation rating.