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Mastering Ingredients: Fish & Shellfish

Learn Gordon's top tips on what to look for at the fishmongers to make sure you only get the best quality ingredients.

Topics include: Fish • Shellfish


Learn Gordon's top tips on what to look for at the fishmongers to make sure you only get the best quality ingredients.

Topics include: Fish • Shellfish

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This is Gordon Ramsay like you've never experienced. The seven-star Michelin chef takes you into his home kitchen to learn everything from kitchen setup and buying the freshest ingredients to constructing unforgettable dishes. In this MasterClass, you're not just learning recipes, you're learning how to take your cooking to the next level.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Just a wonderful class. Love everything about it! Great to see this side of him!! Wish I could cook with him one day!

I am thoroughly enjoying each class and have taken so many notes and looked up so many things that he has said on here. I love it!!

I signed up for Masterclass for the writing and photography classes, then decided I have to cook for the rest of my life and I might as well learn by the best. Wow, Gordon's enthusiasm is contagious! I'm excited to try some of his dishes and techniques. Thank you.

Guidance from a master at work is very useful. The small things he tells you to do like let the meat get to room temp before cooking. Using a cold marble surface to make pasta, not washing the pasta rolling machine. Great tips and he makes it look so simple it gives you the confidence to go out and do it yourself!


Ingrid L.

I felt bad for the lobster being alive. :/ I am learning more than I imagined. Just won't be preparing lobster.

A fellow student

fantastic lesson but I definitely feel for that Scottish lobster - Ramsay violated it in every which way possible lol!

Marc-Andre B.

I have cooked live lobster multiple times, but I don’t understand why it doesn’t get very tender. I’ve tried different cooking/boiling times (14, 16, 18, 20min) but that doesn’t seem to have an impact. I typically put the live lobster straight into the boiling salt water and I was wondering if whether it is live or dead at start impacts the tenderness. Could that make a difference? Are there any other variables I should manipulate to result in more tender meat?

A fellow student

The first link from this pdf gives me a 404 ERROR, and it happened before with many other links from previous chapters. In one case, the link wasn't available for my country (I live in France)! I find this unacceptable for the price we pay here, Masterclass, please be more carefull with those links.

Bryan L.

So thankful and excited for MasterClass, i’m coming along in leaps and bounds because of you Gordon

A fellow student

What is the “oyster” Gordon refers to inside the fish’s neck? He mentioned the same about the chicken as wel in a previous lesson ???


Again, another amazing episode. I stream fished Rainbow Trout many years ago and was pleased to see it in the lesson. I've had a fear of handling lobster, but after watching Chef Ramsey at that task my fear has gone. I can't wait to see the recipes.


Gorgeous shellfish! I would never handle a lobster without having it's claws bound, too scary!

Amber D.

I haven't ever eaten farmed fish that I know about, I wonder if I would be able to tell the difference. I have a boat and catch fish & crab when I can. I like King ok but my preferred salmon is Sockeye which isn't generally catchable with a hook - they have to be netted. Its actually less expensive that king but I think it is way tastier. I wonder if he ever cooked with white king vs regular king (the regular king meat is sort of reddish orange but white king meat is white kind of like halibut - you cannot tell until you cut it open). I think the flavor is slightly different. This was really helpful specifically regarding the shellfish. I have only eaten lobster once over 10 years ago, I definitely know next to nothing about how to cook with it.

A fellow student

There's this fishmonger shop I've never been to (always bought fish pre-cut at the supermarket). I'll have to go take a look, now that I've seen this.