Culinary Arts

Method: Breaking Down a Whole Chicken

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 9:00 min

Butchery 101. Learn how to get every ounce of goodness from a chicken by breaking it down into parts.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Yum! Close to how I already do it but have to admit I haven't used all the diff wild mushys before - oh and my poaching technique is all wrong lol

Totally enjoyed this and had a lot of fun! Everything was delicious and learned a lot. Thank you!

Very interesting. Very lively. Fun to watch. Great cook. Great recepiez.

I have loved this class! It gave me the OOMPH to do what I love and love what I do!!! Thank you!


Jake R.

Disappointed by the lack of content in the workbook provided. No diagrams, no real additional information on how to do things like remove the oysters or how to make a nice stock. The links are frustrating because everytime they take you away from the masterclass site it reminds me that I didn't need to pay for this extra knowledge. Videos overall are great but lacking that extra something that would make the course really a lesson and not just a video tutorial.

Courtney W.

So I JUST BROKE DOWN MY FIRST CHICKEN !!!! I messed up a bit on one of the thighs took off bit too much and had to cut through bone, but I learned like he said ,,,, and the second came off easy. I am currently cooking the carcass for stock to make my pan sauce for the next recipe and I am having a blast. Anyone else in love with this master class?

A fellow student

Love the emphasis on using the whole chicken and making a stock from the carcass.


You serve someone half a chicken breast as a portion? Or a single drumstick? We're talking appetizers here, right?

Arjun M.

Delicious!! Couldn’t find white truffle easily available.. what’s the best way to obtain it in California?


I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to learn more about stocks/soups/sauces from you Gordon...time for a third Masterclass perhaps...???

A fellow student

I look forward to breaking my first whole chicken down and making some incredible soup!

Jamal D.

There is wealth of knowledge in these course. I regret that we don't get certificates for these courses. I mean we do pay for them we should get some sort of certificate.

Cody H.

That was so cool! What a great lesson on making the most out of your food! Thank You!

Graeme R.

Excellent. I learned several new techniques. It just hit me that I'm being trained by Gordon Ramsay. And he hasn't cursed me out yet.