Culinary Arts

Mastering Ingredients: Beef, Lamb & Pork

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 5:52 min

Gordon didn't always have the luxury of cooking with expensive ingredients. Here he shows you how to get the most from a variety of cuts of beef, lamb and pork.

Gordon Ramsay
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Take your cooking to the next level in Gordon’s first MasterClass on essential methods, ingredients, and recipes.
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This is Gordon Ramsay like you've never experienced. The seven-star Michelin chef takes you into his home kitchen to learn everything from kitchen setup and buying the freshest ingredients to constructing unforgettable dishes. In this MasterClass, you're not just learning recipes, you're learning how to take your cooking to the next level.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I really liked the way he goes into detail about his journey and experiences. It makes me feel like I too can make great things if I really want to.

It has given me tips on the little things more than anything else. How to cut without losing a finger. Turning a plate rather than dripping across it. All those little things that tend to be the difference between a cook and a professional.

Phenomenal information and demos, as well as recipes. Well taught, very enjoyable

Absolutely extraordinary passion, talent and sheer dedication to his craft. It's brilliant that he's now sharing that knowledge he's gained with us!


James E.

These cuts ARE truly amazing. Alas, Mr. Ramsay, they have long ago ceased to be inexpensive and underappreciated. Just try to find that lovely marrow bone in the good American butcher shop. I am a home cook who sources these cuts from a specialty purveyor (D'Artagnan). I quickly found one pays for what one gets. An expensive but meaty oxtail is so much more worthwhile than the (almost vestigial) 'oxtails' found in American supermarkets--even the better ones. I wish that this lesson was current with pricing and instructive about value for currency in sourcing 'upmarket.'

William R.

Currently smoking a rib eye roast (about 7-8 pounds). It is beautifully marbled. I am interested to see how it turns out. It is smoking for 2 hours before being seared and cooked. I got it at half price. using a slight mesquite smoke along with a competition blend to keep the flavor light. I can also remember when I was young the only steak we could afford was flank steak. Learning how to cook them was a key to make them good. Now flanks are expensive. I still love a nice sirloin as well. It is one of my favorite cuts to cook and eat.

Denise R.

Recently cooked beef neckbone for the first time... a local grocery caters to lower income customers by featuring a good selection of less expensive cuts of meat... I braised with mushrooms, shallots red wine...fall apart tender and so full of flavor!

Thais Z.

I'm again taken by Chef Ramsey's knowledge and depth of experience. It's now obvious to me, he has truly earned everything has.

A fellow student

I was fascinated by the use of bone marrow. I have never had it, to my knowledge, and am interested in how it would work in anything.

Matt R.

I think the important theme for me in this lesson, and it is reoccurring throughout this class, is master the basics,the cheaper cuts and work your way up. I love ribeyes and cook them all the time, but I don't have much experience with say bavettes. I've always loved "peasant food" simple cheaper cuts treated with love to make something amazing. That's where the magic is. Gonna step back my ingredients for a while...

Collin S.

Bar none, Oxtail is one of my best cuts of meat. I can eat Oxtail stew all day, every day!


As always, I'm so amazed by Chef Ramsey's enthusiasm and his insight into cooking. I did a rack of lamb tonight for dinner and thinking; what would Gordon do. Flash seared on the grill at 700 degree F both sides two times. Then in the oven at 275 F for 20 minutes. So good. I did turn off the grill middle gas and left only the outer two for searing after the first turn. Then put into the oven inside. One of my best rack of lamb. He is so inspiring!

Ramona W.

For my inexpensive meat, I chose Lamb Shanks...which weren't really that inexpensive at $6.99 lb...for 2 it was over $23...but I am so glad I made this Gordon Ramsay recipe Pressure Cooker Lamb Shanks, so delicious. For my expensive meat, I chose Beef Tenderloin and a recipe Beef Tenderloin Steaks with Mushroom Sauce served with Kabocha Squash...both dishes were delicious and I wouldn't have known which was more expensive in a restaurant.

A fellow student

I am enjoying each and every lesson. Gordon has not lost his humility which in this day and age says quite alot. Love his insights..