Culinary Arts

Method: Making Pasta Dough

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 12:53 min

While studying in Italy, Gordon learned the process of creating handmade fresh pasta for incredible Italian dishes. Now, he's sharing what he's learned with you.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Loved it, great review as well as learned new techniques:)

Gordon is such an amazing teacher! Easy to follow and fun things to try!

I'm a home cook, but i loved this! Gordon Ramsay's relaxed style was great, not what i expected at all. He spends time with 7 or so hard recipes, none of them for things i am naturally drawn to as a cook, but he nevertheless managed to inspire me to try to make at least 5 of them, and that's saying something. Beef Wellington, here i come.

Learned new techniques, and am still learning every time I go back and re-watch. Also have yet to delve into all of the other recipes provided in the workbook, so that ought to continue to help me develop my understanding by sparking questions and encouraging a search for answers. Most excellent!


Stefano Z.

Gordon Ramsey & Carlos Santana best Masters so far..PURE MAGIC in their words and expressions! Worth it the whole course only for them.

Clemma W.

I managed to find Type 00 flour, and what a difference! I've been making fresh pasta every 1-2 weeks, watching this video every time, and Gordon is right. This is all about touch and getting to know the dough. He suggested adding some herbs, or flavoured salt. I decided to try some dried tarragon and it was delicious!


I have seen this same lesson with massimo botturo but Gordon explains this so much better than massimo!

A fellow student

Only problem with cooking in a truck sleeper I can’t really make fresh pasta. Space is at a premium and keeping my machine onboard the truck is a sad little inconvenience. I keep my store bought pasta in a plastic container.

A fellow student

I discovered the idea of a bit of olive oil by experimentation ... recipes for pasta dough before never caled for the oil.

Clemma W.

I tried this on Sunday night and it was so much fun! What do you think? Trying to get 00 flour in South Africa is difficult (unless some fellow South Africans can advise?) and a chef friend said I can use bread flour, just blitz it in a blender to make it finer.

Ian R.

Gordon Ramsay is an unbelievable teacher! I’ve been making my own pasta for a while. I learned on YouTube, but I was always feeling like I was doing something wrong. After watching this, I see exactly what I was missing! So many little tips that I can’t wait to try!


Not moving but have same questions. Have a very tiny kitchen with formica counter top, Do surfaces really matter?

Grace P.

I have 2 questions - 1. We are moving - the old countertops were Granite, the new ones will be Quartz. Will this work differently on quartz tops (different temperature properties than marble and granite)? 2. White flour vs Wheat vs Semolina for fresh pasta...thoughts?


Jason, your tip was absolutely right. By letting the pasta dry on the marble surface, we were able to prepare better ravioli. This time, it was spinach and ricotta with sage butter, which was much tastier than the shop bought filled pasta. Thank you.