Culinary Arts

Method: Knife Skills

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 16:58 min

Knife skills: The basics are so important. Gordon shows you how to properly sharpen and hold these critical tools, and the best ways to practice and improve your knife skills.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

im a home cook that loves food from home to a fancy restaurant and did not have any schooling on cooking so i found t his class to be informative and helpful with techniques and style, would have loved more insight on simpler dishes but the assignments were fun and im eager to learn more now!

Thanks to this course, I learned some tips that I can use in the daily and that will save me a lot of time, but I also learned some special dishes, simple but that leave their mark. I am very happy to recommend it to everyone

I couldn't boil an egg right before I started the class. Now all my friends are giving me compliments for my delicous salmon!

It was so good the masterclass, I learned the herbs can help in many dishes, to put salt before cooking , how to cut several meets , how i can cooking in many ways... Thank you for all #lovemasterclass


A fellow student

Is it important to wipe the blade after you sharpen them so there are no potential metal flecks in the food?

Emily D.

Great lesson! I suggest using a dampened dish towel instead of paper towel to secure the cutting board as this is a less wasteful approach.

A fellow student

Amazing! I can't describe all feeling inside in every description of flavors colors, textures. I cried by the emotion watching this class with the connection of senses. Thanks


FANTASTIC!! No, I'm not fast but I feel much safer working with knives now. I love how it's broken down into baby steps and I can slow to half speed to watch the details ;-)

Cameron L.

I really wish we could see examples of multiple platings. Making a single dish like this seems quite easy and unstressful but what happens when you have 6 for brunch? It's stressful and keeping the food hot for multiple plates is one of the things I struggle against constantly.

Nancy A.

In another eggplant cooking lesson, he said to wet the knife prior to cutting vegetables like eggplant or butternut squash in half. I wonder why he didn’t use that technique here when cutting the butternut squash.


10:23 The weight and the WHAT? of the knife?...subtitles say ''INAUDIBLE'' lol

Thady S.

Estou muito feliz em fazer essas aulas de culinária com mestre Gordon Ramsay, já sou cozinheiro, mas quero aprender mais; sou muito fã do chef Gordon há mais de 10 anos que assisto os programas do Masterchef. sou apaixonado por cozinha.

Cary S.

This was terrific, but watching it felt scarier than a horror movie for me at times. In all of the close ups, I was viscerally and irrationally afraid that he'd slip and lose a finger.

A fellow student

I have a nice set of victorinox knives. The handles aren’t exactly heavy and n weight but they have a good feel.. keeping a blade sharp is vital . One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing someone deathgrip a knife handle and keep the index finger down on the spine if the knife blade... it looks like they’re trying to murder the food.