Culinary Arts

Make: Lobster Ravioli

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 15:26 min

Since its opening, only one dish has remained on the menu at three Michelin star Restaurant Gordon Ramsay: lobster ravioli. Now, Gordon shares the recipe for its signature filling and shows you how to shape and fill your ravioli to perfection.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

It has helped me to see the simplistic complexity of creating my perfect dish...

I am no chef, but I have a passion for food. Learning the basic knife techniques and how to cook salmon, and make the perfect poached and scrambled eggs, is what I took from the course, which is good enough for me. Passionate people make me tick, and so I enjoyed Gordon Ramsey's course very much.

Great masterclass. Thank you. I love this website.

My husband enrolled our Autistic son on this course as he loves to cook and loves Gordon! We did the course together and found it extremely enjoyable and we just loved listening to Gordon & learning how to develop our skills and how to make beautiful food. Thanks Gordon!


William J.

One issue I encountered is that the moisture content of the lobster mix softened the thinly rolled pasta and they ended up sticking to the wax paper I had layered them on - I failed to put enough flour down. So they were ruined when I peeled back the wax paper and it took the tops right off. Just need to dust with more flour and probably not stack them in layers to avoid that.

Heather H.

Just beautiful. So delicate. Such attention to detail. Love it! So inspirational - yet still accessible!

A fellow student

I’ve been experimenting with Ravi fir a while . I guess an actual purée filling is best? I am however proud of getting my egg yolk Ravi figured out:

Robert M.

Gordon Ramsay makes it look easy! This recipe was more challenging than I expected and getting that perfect shape was difficult. I was also surprised how much the past increased in volume once cooked.

Stephen D.

Didn't look quite as good as Gordon's on my first try but the tasted delicious.

Julia F.

We are not huge fans of seafood, so I decided to make the pine nut, spinach, and ricotta ravioli and it was so good! I served it with a side of roasted garlic bread, and it was delicious!

William S.

the scraps of salmon that he used for the mousse, did he end up cooking the salmon before blending it? did he remove the skin?

David L.

Spectacular! I am a true fan and admirer of Chef Ramsey. I made Lobster Ravioli once about 40 years ago in Beverly Hills with my then wife, owner of Ma Cuisine. The dish came out beautifully, but unfortunately our Bijan Frisee got to it before we did. All that was left was the pinkish lovely sauce on his brown lips. Oh well, this lesson has inspired me to try again.

James E.

This is a GREAT lesson. I could do this! I could stop the refinement at one of several points: as an avocational family chef, I would not trim the pasta after filling. I might or might not have the lobster reduction to drizzle on top of the tomato chutney. That would take a dinner party. For the WHOLE treatment, I would need to visit one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants.

Jonathan P.

Gordon always talks about not wasting scraps, and yet he doesn't say anything about reusing the pasta scraps. Is there a reason for that, does pasta not hold up well after being re-rolled?