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Make: Elevated Scrambled Eggs

Even in a restaurant kitchen, cooking eggs is one of the most difficult tasks. Learn how to make the perfect scrambled eggs and elevate them by adding sea urchin and white truffle.

Topics include: Scrambled Eggs


Even in a restaurant kitchen, cooking eggs is one of the most difficult tasks. Learn how to make the perfect scrambled eggs and elevate them by adding sea urchin and white truffle.

Topics include: Scrambled Eggs

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Great course. I learned a lot a basics (again!) and learned much new and more advanced techniques.

I have been enjoying this class. The knowledge that Chef has given to all of us is a lesson that not everyone will understand. Thank you

I am fortunate to have been raised in an Italian family with masterful women cooks. I have enjoyed entertaining and preparing elaborate meals for my friends and family. It is a passion. This class has given me ways to elevate my cooking and apply the lessons. I am looking forward to continuing to experiment, create and indulge my creativity. This is a terrific course.

Technique technique technique! As an online culinary student pursuing my BA in Culinary Arts I miss so much being in a live classroom and kitchen. Watching the videos of Gordon and receiving detailed instruction on techniques has helped me in school as well as my personally in my career. Access to some of the best recipes has helped me shine in my kitchen at work!



Such a good recipe. Tried it with 1 tablespoon butter, 1 tablespoon truffle butter, instead of the 2 of normal butter and its was super decadent and delicious. Little bit more economical than buying a full white truffle.

David H.

I would call myself an egg fanatic, and enjoy eating them in so many ways. Scrambled is so often disappointing in a restaurant because I seldom find places that take the care shown here by Mr. Ramsay. My best version over the years has been to do something very similar to this, but there are three things that this illustrates that I like. 1. Never pre-scramble, unless making omelettes. leave eggs whole until you begin cooking. 2. Spice only at the end of the cooking, and 3. Stop the cooking with a cold ingredient like the cream. My own favorite without using truffles and sea urchin is to take a small touch of cream cheese with a teaspoon of milk, mix the two until the cream cheese is more like sour cream. Then add that at the end while still cold just like Gordon taught. But to me, the cream cheese acts double duty, it gives the flavor that slight cheesiness many like in scrambled eggs, and hits the cream notes as well. I would say you could play around with the cheese options to go in different flavor directions, like cottage cheese for less sweet, or goat cheese to hit a sour note.


Wow. So interesting. I will absolutely try making this. Might be tough to find fresh white truffle and sea urchin though

Matt R.

Cause we all have sea urchin and white truffle just hanging around the kitchen...

A fellow student

Amazing ! I never considered the chemistry between eggs and salt before. I tried the recipe and the eggs came out amazing !

christina C.

After watching Gordon make these I knew I had to try it. I am now completely and totally obsessed. In one week, I have now made these scrambled eggs 3 times (twice for dinner!) One version was plain, one with smoked salon and one version served over avocado. Wow. All I can say is wow! I just wish it hadn't taken me 39 years to figure out the "proper" way to make and enjoy scrambled eggs. I will never be able to order them out again! THANK YOU Chef Ramsay!

John R.

Looks tasty. I like Gordon's attention to detail. His passion for cooking food really shines through!

Nusrat N.

That was the most delicious & fabulous scrambled egg recipe I have ever seen!! My mentor, my inspiration, my passion for cooking all come from Sir Gordon Ramsay.

Jason G.

I wish he would talk to us about truffles... can one be ordered off the Internet? Does it come preserved in oil, frozen, vacuum packed? His is stored in rice? How long do they keep? What’s the difference between black and white ones?

Darya B.

OMG the scrambled eggs and sea urchin...out of this world! Love Gordon's class, he actually goes into detail and teaches. Love it!