Culinary Arts


Thomas Keller

Lesson time 00:48 min

Chef Keller concludes his MasterClass with parting words of wisdom and reminds you the importance of patience and practice as you continue on your culinary journey.

Thomas Keller
Teaches Cooking Techniques II: Meats, Stocks, and Sauces
Chef Thomas Keller returns with a second MasterClass to teach the essential techniques for cooking meats and making stocks and sauces.
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As a follow-up to his first MasterClass, Chef Thomas Keller devotes his second cooking class to beef, duck, chicken, pork, and veal, and the techniques he uses to prepare them. Learn to sauté, pan and oven roast, braise, fry, and grill, and how to select the best cut of meat for each technique with confidence. Then, learn to make the stocks and sauces that are essentials in Chef Keller’s restaurant kitchens.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Very informative!Thomas has a nice laid back style1

Pure inspiration. Considered a career in the culinary arts as a young man. Should have followed my heart. Now I'll just cook for my family and friends. Love all the culinary programs. So many techniques and broader understanding of the magic of cooking. Thanks to all.

Very well presented topics. Not just recipes, but the why and how of great cooking. I will have to rewatch many of then to get all of the info contained

I consider myself to be a "foodie" but these techniques and French workbooks were excellent and beneficial.


Apple B.

I love how Chef Thomas Keller teaches us to be a great chef. PATIENCE AND PERSISTENT are the most important values to follow in order to be like him. I like hs personality. Yes he is very humble, passionate and organised. Im looking forward for the his fourth Masterclass. Thank you!

Yann V.

I appreciated the quality and the personality of the instructor ( humble, passionate, composed and "savoir faire" ). The techniques are easily repeatable in our kitchen. Merci !

Pamela O.

Rating for class inaccessible. I would give this class 10 stars out of 5 if possible. The Chef and material were superb and I agree with the community in that a third class would be very nice!


Just a re-cap of a statement Chef Keller makes in the previous lesson. No added value, but the "words of wisdom" are, certainly, of great value if followed.

Leigh B.

Chef Keller's class is truly inspirational ! The love and care he exhibits towards his creations helped me understand that to truly be great, you do require patience and persistence will will eventually lead to skill. Chef Keller is The Master. Thank you, great class, insightful series, fantastic motivation.


High quality content. I felt like I was in the kitchen with Thomas Keller for the 2 class. Thanks a lot for sharing all this knowledge !

Gerso G.

Such great skill set you shared, can't wait to also do your third class. Thank you so much!

Edward D.

Please do a third class! Thieve two so far have taught me so much. I like that you focus on the fundamentals that pertain to all parts of the type of food, not just what pertains to a particular recipe. And you encourage taking these fundamentals and experiment with flavor profiles that interest me. And your teaching style is unpretentious and engaging. Thank you so much

Johan D.

As most classes when you start of with some experience it´s slow and boring in the begining, but it all came together really perfect in the ending, for me when the sauses starting to take shape. I work with food and I cook alot. This really made me understand the cookingblocks alot better. Thanks to a great chef and a great teacher, I will use this experince to keep developing my cooking with alot more persistanse, patience and understanding, so thank you again.

David M.

Thomas Keller is a master chef and a master teacher. However, I couldn't help noticing when he handled raw chicken (paillard) with bare hands he never washed his hands thus contaminating everything he touched afterwards??