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Culinary Arts

Vinaigrette, Emulsified Vinaigrette, Sauce Vierge, and Pickled Chow Chow Vinaigrette

Thomas Keller

Lesson time 24:33 min

Learn how to makes a variety of sauces including a basic oil-and-vinegar vinaigrette; a creamy vinaigrette, emulsified with a raw egg yolk and mustard; a sauce vierge; and a chow-chow vinaigrette, from a medley of chopped and pickled vegetables.

Thomas Keller
Teaches Cooking Techniques II: Meats, Stocks, and Sauces
Chef Thomas Keller returns with a second MasterClass to teach the essential techniques for cooking meats and making stocks and sauces.
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As a follow-up to his first MasterClass, Chef Thomas Keller devotes his second cooking class to beef, duck, chicken, pork, and veal, and the techniques he uses to prepare them. Learn to sauté, pan and oven roast, braise, fry, and grill, and how to select the best cut of meat for each technique with confidence. Then, learn to make the stocks and sauces that are essentials in Chef Keller’s restaurant kitchens.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

More cohesive and focused than the first series. Packed with great information and advice for those open enough to change old, unproductive habits and study in order to improve.

Thank you Chef Keller for this great learning opportunity. You have a great teaching technic where explanations are clear and concise. Thanks to you I have elevated my cooking technics to the next level.

Thank you ever so much, what an enjoyable and enlightening series!

I now feel like I know how to waste almost nothing in the kitchen thanks to Chef Keller



I have watched each and every lesson from Chef Keller this far and plan to go on watching the rest. I love them so much. I've started out as someone with VERY little experience in the kitchen and have become so inspired. I have made so many awesome dishes so far and my fiance is totally blown away! Some things don't come out perfect the first try but it has been so fun to learn all these methods and dishes i want to keep trying. I have totally stepped out of my comfort zone and am so happy! He makes you believe you can do any of these dishes and breaks them all down in the videos and workbook so perfectly that you actually CAN. Just wanted to say thank you!

Jill G.

I LOVE THOMAS KELLER. My goodness! He makes you feel like you can do anything. So affable and chill; a joy to watch, especially the way he uses that spoon as a baster and turner. It was like dance. Can't wait to try it. A few things would have added to the experience for me. I didn't feel the necessity of seeing him peel the entire turnip, just his instruction and a few peels would have been fine and that is a note I have throughout. Also, the final plating shots could look a little prettier with enhanced lighting or food styling. Also, when he says he uses "vegetable oil," for a higher sauteeing temperature, I would have liked to have known what kind of vegetable oil he uses as there are so many out there. Anyway, enjoyable over all and I learned a lot. Thank you Master Class. Great job!

Louise Z.

Does anyone know what else can be used to replace egg yolk as an emulsifier? Raw egg yolk still put those immune dysfunctional persons at health risk.

Kevin O.

Delicious! Does anyone know how long these will last in the fridge after making them?

Terry M.

Thank you for mentioning that chow chow can go with fish. It will be a perfect meal to fix for my mother I have been waiting for this lesson. I look forward to making a variety of sauces.

Luca C.

Chef! :) lovely but the Vierge is 90% our Bruschetta classic dressing. The Chef must have been traveling to Italy and got some inspiration from our simple bruschetta. Happy days:)


I love Chef Keller's happy energy! Who knew how excited we can be with these sauces. He's given me an entirely different (happy) perspective! And as always, my mouth is yearning for the taste of those flavors!


What a powerful chapter. Those sauces are just gorgeous. I especially loved the Chow Chow. It's very pastel look with the delicate mustard seeds was beautiful. I could every one of those sauces and use them on several different applications. What a wonderful chapter.

Michele B.

Wondering if you can't put anchovies in the emulsified vinaigrette to give it more of a Caesar Salad Dressing feel??

Peter M.

In addition to these wonderful recipes and techniques thanks for the introduction to Chef Michel Guérard and "cuisine minceur"