Culinary Arts

Fried Chicken

Thomas Keller

Lesson time 19:12 min

Chef Keller teaches you how to make the fried chicken served every other Monday at his restaurant Ad Hoc. Learn how to brine and break down a whole chicken and fry each piece to perfection.

Thomas Keller
Teaches Cooking Techniques II: Meats, Stocks, and Sauces
Chef Thomas Keller returns with a second MasterClass to teach the essential techniques for cooking meats and making stocks and sauces.
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As a follow-up to his first MasterClass, Chef Thomas Keller devotes his second cooking class to beef, duck, chicken, pork, and veal, and the techniques he uses to prepare them. Learn to sauté, pan and oven roast, braise, fry, and grill, and how to select the best cut of meat for each technique with confidence. Then, learn to make the stocks and sauces that are essentials in Chef Keller’s restaurant kitchens.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I have learned new techniques and chef Keller made explanations easy to understand and helped me to overcome some fears about cooking meat e preparing sauces.

Chef Keller is a terrific teacher. (I hear he is also a great cook.) He starts simple (hard boiled eggs?) and a few lessons later I'm thinking I can make incredible French sauces. I hope he gives another class.

If this class isn't as rich as his first, Keller still demonstrates a masterful way with food that will transform the way you think about all you eat.

Learned some new cooking techniques but even more importantly, as weird as it sounds, some new life lessons. Chef Keller has an amazing way of connecting to the audience. I will definitely re-watch these classes to be certain that I have absorbed all that was laid out before me.


Movie M.

I love this lesson. I didn't expect to learn how to cut up a chicken and how to brine. Keller always delivers more. Thank you.

Yvette P.

for kosher cooks, what do you use instead of buttermilk? I know buttermilk also tenderizes so I am not sure what a good replacement would be.

Ronald H.

The fried chicken is excellent, the manual is wrong. Says to fry for 11 mins, Keller goes over 20 mins in the video. This manual has many inaccuracies, make sure to go by the videos instead.

Michael S.

After brining the chicken how long can you leave it refrigerated (not in the brine) before cooking? Should it be in a container or air drying like with his other recipe?

Jim C.

I have asked this question before, a couple of months ago now, but no response. I was wondering if you could tell me what brand of poultry shears Chef Keller is using and where they can be purchased. They are a great size and appear to create a good amount of leverage. Thanks.

Jim C.

I've made this four times now, and it's such a hit with my family. My mother-in-law, from SE Missouri, who has made Southern Fried Chicken her whole life, says it's the best-fried chicken she's ever had. Home run.

Tessa J.

Ok, I am doing it, the brine smells so good, I could take a bath in it. I'll keep you posted.

tyler W.

I worked at Ad Hoc and we did this recipe all the time. Seriously the best fried chicken ever.


Hi question, does the water really.have to be a gallon for one chicken, isnt it too much? Thanks


It is so evident how much you love what you are doing! As I am listening , watching and learning, I can also see the childlike joy you are experiencing while frying the chicken. You have not idea how delightful it is so see this. Your energy of joy is noticeable in nearly every lesson, yet it is especially prevalent in this lesson. Thank you, you've made my day.