Culinary Arts


Thomas Keller

Lesson time 18:58 min

Chef Keller teaches you his technique for making a pasta that traps sauce in pockets.

Thomas Keller
Teaches Cooking Techniques
Learn techniques for cooking vegetables and eggs and making pastas from scratch from the award-winning chef and proprietor of The French Laundry.
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Fundamental techniques. Fantastic food.

Thomas Keller has won more Michelin stars than any chef in America. In his first online cooking class, the founder of The French Laundry and Per Se teaches you the underlying techniques of making great food so you can go beyond the cookbook. Learn how to confit vegetables, poach perfect eggs, make hand-shaped pasta, and bring Michelin star-quality meals to your kitchen.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I found Chef Keller's philosophy inspiring. Paying attention and being present; being respectful to others, the ingredients, and the meals he creates; striving for excellence in skills and results through practice and critical feedback. Beautiful and so valuable. I would have never thought that this many ways of cooking eggs would keep me so engaged. Thank You!

The lessons are very good, very practical, I am trying all the recipies These lessons gave me a spark much needed in my culinary skill. Thanks

I have enjoyed Thomas Kellers Masterclass immensely. It has re-ignited by desire to nuture people through cooking. It has encouraged me to continue to work on my techniques of refinement. I am excited about what I can continue to learn through practicing his lessons and more importantly, understanding his philosophy on food. Thank you!

I have improved my knowledge of the basics of techniques that are necessary to be a proficient and skillful cook.


Matteo A.

I really like the technique of making this pasta, but he didn't show how he did the stuffing. Is it just frozen peas put through a blender? Did he season it? His bacon looks pretty roh to me, I think I would rather fry it first.


I would have liked to see Martin use a manual pasta maker - just like most of his viewers will do...

Clare M.

I made two batches going to 6 then 5 on the pasta roller. I think 6 is too thin and makes the dough hard to work with. All in all very happy with my pasta though!

Clara R.

He mentions he gives suggestion of pasta machine on the cookbook but I could not find it. Does anyone know which one he suggests? I know he uses the Imperia Electric Pasta Machine on this recipe, but since I'm making this pasta at home (not at a restaurant), I'm not sure I need to make this investment. Does anyone know its worth it? Tks!

Diane T.

Totally so fun to watch this entire lesson. So Beautiful how he teaches this lesson on how to make these delicate and beautiful Agnolotti! Onward!

Vicki S.

Amazing how his hands are spotless throughout the entire process!! 👏. That's hard to do!

John R.

I plan on making these this weekend, but my girlfriend doesn’t care for peas. Would an equal amount of roasted butternut squash work as well as the peas?

Susan M.

I just love making pasta. I have never seen the agnolotti made this way, I will surely adopt this method! Thank you Chef!!!

A fellow student

I went for a red wine braised beef carrot and onion purée this time. Love it. Thank you chef.

Peter B.

Thank you thomas loved watching this class I used your parsnip puree for my filling extremely tasty.