Culinary Arts

Glazing: Carrots

Thomas Keller

Lesson time 16:58 min

Chef Keller teaches you how to bring out the natural sweetness of carrots by glazing them.

Thomas Keller
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

incredible chef !!!!!!! great techniques !!!!! an incredible person that shares knowledge and passion!

I never knew food can be so much fun to make!! This was an amazing class!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. One of my favorite things about this Masterclass was Chef Keller sharing the purpose of cooking is to nurture people. For me, cooking nurtures others but mostly it nurtures my soul.

Excellent class to learn the technique of cooking complicated sauces and dishes broken down simply for home chefs


Ryan O.

It is the second time I've made this dish, and I executed it much better the second time. Perfectly cooked carrot. No resistance but not "mushy." A glaze that sticks to the carrot's flesh. No caramelization on the carrot. 100% reduction, no remaining liquid in my saucepot. However, the consistency of my herb cutting and the angles of my carrot's oblique cut's are inconsistent. I'm not sure how much that matters. Thoughts? Let me know what you think. Any areas of improvement?

Bonnie D.

Thomas Keller's attention to detail as he teaches is phenomenal. I watched his promo for MasterClass many times over before I joined. I have watched all three of his MasterClasses, then got the tools I didn't have and reorganized. This is my first dive into the pool. My carrots were not all the same size and were tri-colored. I didn't have a pound of them and my oblique cutting, sadly, was not perfect. I used 3 grams of each butter and sugar for 6oz of carrot because I thought less may be too little. I used the same size and type of pan. The carrots turned out tender and sweet, completely changing my perception of what a glaze was. I'll be doing this one again with a pound of the same sized carrots while honing my knife skills.

Nosaiba A.

Everybody like his potatoes crunch. What you mean to say is root vegetables should not be hard.


It is a nice recipe. The carrots i had available were quite big ,so i had to cut them vertically befofe i do the oblique. Then i noticed that i had to cover with the lid while they were simmering just for a couple of minutes because they were pretty hard. Turned out very good.

Dieter B.

when do you use other acid materials, like lemon or orange instead of vinager?

Ramona W.

In the introduction to this lesson Glazing: Carrots, Chef Thomas Keller refers to another recipe from his Ad Hoc at Home cookbook....Honey-Glazed Cipollini Onions. It was hard to find the little Cipollini Onions, come to find out they are very seasonal, but the good thing was I only had to wait a couple of weeks and they were in season. These little onions are different than Pearl Onions. They are larger, skinnier and's like a Texas Sweet Onion meets Pearl Onion! After completing the lesson Glazing Carrots, Glazing the Cipollini Onions turned out perfect. The flavor was a caramelized flavor that enhanced the sweetness of the little onion.

Ramona W.

The Glazed Carrots were the best we've ever eaten! I used smaller Farmer's Market carrots and followed the instructions and they were so naturally sweet, tender, and so delicious! We will definitely eat these carrots all the time!

A fellow student

Can I get the recipe? Because I don’t know the exact amount of ingredients.


Why add salt at the end versus at the beginning? Season as you go.... wouldn't the seasoning penetrate further into the carrot at the beginning vs. just being on the outside at the end?


Finally tried this recipe last night and it turned out great. I think these lessons are great and do a wonderful job of keeping the techniques approachable. Cooked carrots aren’t something i usually enjoy, but this was so easy and created a delicious result!