Culinary Arts

Agnolotti with Peas and Bacon

Thomas Keller

Lesson time 12:03 min

Learn how to make a composed dish with your agnolotti, complete with peas, bacon, and a delicate parmesan crisp.

Thomas Keller
Teaches Cooking Techniques
Learn techniques for cooking vegetables and eggs and making pastas from scratch from the award-winning chef and proprietor of The French Laundry.
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Fundamental techniques. Fantastic food.

Thomas Keller has won more Michelin stars than any chef in America. In his first online cooking class, the founder of The French Laundry and Per Se teaches you the underlying techniques of making great food so you can go beyond the cookbook. Learn how to confit vegetables, poach perfect eggs, make hand-shaped pasta, and bring Michelin star-quality meals to your kitchen.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I learned from hearing, watching and seeing. Very different experience from watching a cooking show on TV. It is a superior learning experience. Thank you.

It has been very helpful. I now know how much I didn't know. Lots of projects to work on.

It reminded me that we all have a responsibility to pass along what we have learned to others who seek to succeed in the same or similar fields. Thank you Chef Keller.

He's fantastic - love his desire to nurture through cooking and the precision with which he accomplishes that.


Clare M.

I had a few broken agnolotti so I knocked up a quick bowl for me to practice the parm crisp....

Maria A.

WOW !! Chef Keller never misses a beat. I will do this recipe. Seriously thinking of getting the electric Imperia Restaurant pasta machine. Why not?!

A fellow student

Excellent teaching moment with the Parmesan crisp and the self reflection. It's the commitment to continued learning the defines excellence.

Rob S.

First time making homemade pasta. We would never have tried making it if it wasn't for this class and how easy Chef Keller made it look! Turned out above all our expectations. Yum!

Ben C.

How does TK get that “tented” shape to the parm crisp at the end of the video? Anyone know?

Shirl T.

I love this and I can't wait to try it out. Just wondering if you have to use that much butter? It seems a lot for one portion...

Eduard M.

Will the pasta get cooked if only halfway into the liquid ? It was my understanding that the pasta has to be always fully immersed to get properly cooked.

Carolyn T.

I LOVE how he handled the teaching moment with the Parmesan Crisp. Chef Keller is an excellent teacher!

A fellow student

Great lesson! And a good reminder to make mistakes work in a meal. But, speaking as a vegetarian, I can substitute vegetable broth for the chicken. But I struggle to find the smoky savory substitute for bacon. Ideas?

A fellow student

Amazing lesson, one of my favs so far. I'm gonna make this recipe next Friday as a wedding anniversary gift for my husband, he gave me this course as a gift and now I'll have the chance to retribute it. Looking forward to cooking, will post pics here later! <3