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Custard: Crème Anglaise

Crème anglaise is one of Chef Keller’s favorite dessert sauces. Learn how to make a traditional vanilla anglaise—without curdling.

Topics include: Crème Anglaise


Crème anglaise is one of Chef Keller’s favorite dessert sauces. Learn how to make a traditional vanilla anglaise—without curdling.

Topics include: Crème Anglaise

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looks great!! Can't wait to learn more and practice, practice, practice

This has been my favorite masterclass so far! I loved how he really filled the space during the instructions, even if something needed to simmer he would just talk about something else and even the wait time became a learning experience. I have grown so much with this class and I can't wait to do a second run-through (just my learning style, its what I like to do). Thank you Thomas Keller!

I think this is a can't miss opportunity to learn not only about the approach to cooking and nurturing others but the thought process behind the scenes.

The get into the mind of a culinary genius was only a dream.prior to Master Class


Steven B.

So what would one need to do to turn that into a creme brûlée? Just pour it into a custard cup and use a blowtorch on the top? Sorry if this is naive - I have never made creme brûlée, but am interested!

Mike S.

Wish he would give ingredient amounts. 10 eggs......4 cups half and half??????

Leonardo C.

How do I prepare the crème brulée after making the anglaise? Does anyone know?

A fellow student

Hey Masters .. let me know how I can get fill screen or is that not part of the deal

Christoph R.

I am wondering about him saying its cooked to 185*C.... 92 would make a lot more sense, would it?!🤔


A bit off topic, but where can someone purchase those small delicate glass carafes used in the videos to hold liquids that are already measured. Seems like most of the chefs have them on Masterclass, but can't seem to find them online. Thanks!

Paul A.

I love the flavor of this for a creme anglaise and also turned it into ice cream also but would like to use it in a creme brulee but its way to thin and just melts when you try to add sugar on top to burn it. Can someone tell me how to tweak the recipe? Would cornstarch make it work?

A fellow student

We are a household of 2, so I halved the recipe. I also felt 100 g of sugar was too sweet. I used around 75. It will be on a blackberry pie tonight.

Alexandra F.

I just have one tip/comment: when tempering the eggs, as you are adding the hot milk-vanilla mixture into the eggs, touch the bottom of the bowl. When it is hot to the touch, it is safe to return the egg mixture to the pot with the rest of the milk and then cook it.

Cynthia M.

The nutritionist in me is screaming at all that white sugar. Has anyone used a less processed sugar like sucanat or rapadura in this recipe? I have every intention of trying that, just curious if anyone else out there has tried it with success (or not?) before.