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Elevate your breakfast by making a beautiful, silken, golden omelet that's finished with some classic ingredients.

Topics include: Omelet


Elevate your breakfast by making a beautiful, silken, golden omelet that's finished with some classic ingredients.

Topics include: Omelet

Thomas Keller

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Fundamental techniques. Fantastic food.

Thomas Keller has won more Michelin stars than any chef in America. In his first online cooking class, the founder of The French Laundry and Per Se teaches you the underlying techniques of making great food so you can go beyond the cookbook. Learn how to confit vegetables, poach perfect eggs, make hand-shaped pasta, and bring Michelin star-quality meals to your kitchen.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This was an INCREDIBLE class! Chef Keller is very good at taking what most of us would see as impossible and showing us it's not and we can do this. Thank you Chef I hope our paths cross so I can thank you.

I found this class to be fascinating--appreciating both the technical information, but also the life lessons. Thomas Keller did an amazing job with both and I can only hope to see additional MasterClass lessons from him. It has truly helped my understanding of the art of cooking and has inspired me to continue to strive to improve. WELL DONE, MR KELLER!

It's Great to learn from Master Chef Keller, and Cook to Nurture Philosophy is so important; as well as Finesse and and Sense of Urgency

Great info, learned a lot. I wish he had addressed proteins, but maybe that's a topic for another class.


Lindy T.

I've never seen such an easy, foolproof method for making an omelette. Yes, it takes longer and dirties a lot more dishes, but the result is so beautiful and refined that I'm adopting it for life. I definitely prefer sliding it into the oven to cook through rather than the tricky flick-of-the-wrist flip that can often wind up making a mess.

Graeme R.

Superb preparation and presentation that respect the quality of the ingredient. Wahoo!

Pierre D.

As soon as the lesson was over, I just could not wait to try this method. Wala! Perfect, the first try. Thank you.

Matt A.

Some tips not covered... most important thing is egg consistency, thickness on the pan, and heat. I went through some trials and you can learn from my mistakes. Dont try and use a Vitamix (it makes them foamy), and don't pour all 3 eggs in the pan bc it's too thick and will take too long to cook... with large eggs all you need is 2. That will ensure the eggs cook more evenly and consistently without having to wait 10-15min in the oven. And, make sure to keep the heat low! Otherwise, the eggs get fluffy and you cant roll it. Also note the egg needs to be cooked enough so you can spread toppings, but you can leave it a bit underdone because it will keep cooking a bit after a tight roll is made. I did creme fraiche, sausage, and cheese filling and it turned out great. But, as other notes, this isn't scalable unless you have a bunch of 8" nonsticks lying around. But, great for impressing 1 person, haha.

A fellow student

This is such a wonderful course in particular and series in general. I've never like omelets and now it's easy to see why. Appreciate the detailed attention to ingredients and preparation. Chef Keller is a wonderful instructor. Never condescending, shows every step. We will re-watch this persistently while we patiently practice the techniques [grin].

Andrey P.

I love the technique. I made mine filled with creme fraiche, diced bacon and shalot, topped with shitake mushrooms and chives.. It was absolutely delicious!

Niclas K.

My first attempt by using Thomas way, must say it turned out very well!! Now I can finally make some good looking omelets and play with the fillings 😋

Catherine P.

Great hints. Mine have never looked as soon as this. I have something to aspire to.

Candice M.

Thank you for sharing the technique for this divine omelet - definitely a different approach than culinary school, where you heat a pan with TONS of oil, drop the eggs in, shake vigorously for a very short time, and flip out onto a plate. I so much prefer this method - and the omelet's taste takes you to a new cuisine planet! Need to work on tightening my rolling method! :-) I also added Feta to the omelet versus creme fraische, which I didn't have on hand! Was still succulent!

Christine A.

Nice thin omelet, would like to be able to make them that way, I better start practicing.