Culinary Arts

Peeling: Tomatoes

Thomas Keller

Lesson time 7:19 min

Learn how Chef Keller refines tomatoes for use in salads, sauces, and sandwiches—by peeling them.

Thomas Keller
Teaches Cooking Techniques
Learn techniques for cooking vegetables and eggs and making pastas from scratch from the award-winning chef and proprietor of The French Laundry.
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Fundamental techniques. Fantastic food.

Thomas Keller has won more Michelin stars than any chef in America. In his first online cooking class, the founder of The French Laundry and Per Se teaches you the underlying techniques of making great food so you can go beyond the cookbook. Learn how to confit vegetables, poach perfect eggs, make hand-shaped pasta, and bring Michelin star-quality meals to your kitchen.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Thomas is an excellent teacher and his love for his craft and artform is evident in his approach to sharing technique and tips. It sounds like he would be a great​ kitchen to cook in as he really seems gentle natured and yet I am sure he is a task master as he works overseeing his team of chefs.

Thoroughly enjoyed going back to basics, whether it be in the food or the style. This class made me hungry and appreciative for the simply things, such as carrots and beets- that I have not made as a single dish in far too long. Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

classes were great. I love learning from Chef Keller. Thank you for these great classes.

Thomas Keller is an amazing chef! If I had the opportunity to meet him in person, I would thank him for imparting his wisdom and sense of dedication to keeping dishes simple yet elegant. He taught me how to be passionate to cooking and help nourish people along the way.



Loved the lesson. Would be good to know what "finishing salt" is - a different kind of salt or just salt added at the finish.

Jack S.

Who would have known that blanching tomatoes was so cathartic? I had to take some pictures of my trim because the colors were so vibrant and varied. It definitely elevates the dish just getting to enjoy the soft fruit rather than the heavy bitter skin.

Angel T.

First peeled tomatoes today! Used them for a tomato soup later. Good stuff! Thanks Chef Keller for (slowly) drifting me away from the instant soups!

Ramona W.

In the preseason to Peeling Tomatoes, Chef Thomas Keller refers to a recipe in The French Laundry Cookbook to try....Vine Ripe Tomato Sorbet with Tomato Tartare and Basil Oil....there were a lot of steps, but it was so well worth it. So fancy and cleansed the palate nicely. I opted to make the Port Wine Glaze and the sweetness complemented the tartness of the Basil Oil. The Tomato Sorbet sat on top of the Basil Oil and the Tomato Tartare and was topped with the Garlic Tuiles. This recipe was definitely a supper showstopper...


"Don't be afraid of the blade." I'd take that with a grain of salt (no pun intended). FEAR THE BLADE !

Diane T.

So incredible the different colors and techniques of the this class!


love the beautiful simplicity. How it can elevate a dish. Definitely makes me more aware of paying attention to the small details

Laura L.

I learned how to do this more than 35 years ago watching my mother blanching and peeling tomatoes for canning in the summer time. Even though ingredients were very sparse when I grew up in communist Romania, when we did get more we cooked a lot so I was surprised to see, given the abundance of ingredients, how very few people knew how to cook here. When I came to the US in 1992 the food channel was definitely not what it is today, cooking shows were few and far between and people either didn't cook at home or no one knew they did. Amazing how things changed in the last 26 years. The whole world became obsessed with food and cooking. 😊

Anne W.

The Greeks (at least in my Greek cookbook) have a very clever way to "peel" tomatoes and that is--they simply grate them. When you grate a tomato, you will find that the peel doesn't grate and when you're finished grating, the contents of the tomato is in the bowl and the whole peel is left in your hands.

Andrew U.

This was interesting. The picture shows the result with ripe organic heritage tomatoes. They took 15 seconds to blister. The generic ones from the supermarket had tough skins and took over a minute to blister. A lesson in the value of fresh, high quality produce.