Culinary Arts

Roasting: Zucchini

Thomas Keller

Lesson time 10:10 min

Learn how to enhance the flavor of a typical summer vegetable with this technique.

Thomas Keller
Teaches Cooking Techniques
Learn techniques for cooking vegetables and eggs and making pastas from scratch from the award-winning chef and proprietor of The French Laundry.
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Thomas Keller has won more Michelin stars than any chef in America. In his first online cooking class, the founder of The French Laundry and Per Se teaches you the underlying techniques of making great food so you can go beyond the cookbook. Learn how to confit vegetables, poach perfect eggs, make hand-shaped pasta, and bring Michelin star-quality meals to your kitchen.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful. Impeccable technique and love for what you do. The reason I subscribed to MasterClass.

It was a pleasure watching Chef Thomas Keller to convey his love and skill of cooking. We are going to make gnocchi! Thank you. It was inspiring!

i love to cook, chef keller added to my love of cooking by giving me the insight of how cooking allows us to nurture others.

Wow! Thank you for re-connecting me to the soul of food. Your love and respect of cooking and food is truly inspirational. The way you handle each piece of food and kitchen utensil with such love and respect. You are a true artist. Thank you Mr. Keller.



I made this for as an entree for Mum's birthday dinner on the weekend, and it was absolutely devoured by my family. Really enjoyed exploring a new way of cooking with zucchini.

A fellow student

We absolutely loved the result. My 10 y.o. son had an absolute success cooking this dish! He decided to add a little bit of feta cheese on top for color and taste.

Matteo A.

Awesome! I made this with Pasta. I tossed out excessive oil from the pan and used the oil from the tomatoes for the pasta. I Just tossed it a couple of times. Very delicious!

Bernardo M.

One of the first recipe tries. Successfully achieved amazing flavor and had a lot of fun preparing it! Thank you Chef Keller!


Ok, why does salting like that not make the food overly salty? The water leaves it, the density increases, the salt remains - so how is it not too salty?

Thomas G.

Finally made this after watching the video 3 times and reading the workbook. Damn, it does not disappoint. Here’s the pic. It looked and tasted as good as advertised. And my first time making a concasse and vierge,no less.

Pavel G.

All these degrees are in Fahrenheit I believe. Could you show or say it in Celsius as well?

Adam C.

Any suggestions on what other vegetables to roast like this other than squash or eggplant?

Lindy F.

Absolutely delicious, and definitely a keeper. My husband loved the zucchini prepared like this so much that he even ate the stems without realizing. I hate fresh parsley, so I used fresh basil in the vierge really does scream summer! I can see that pairing so well with fish, chicken, and lots of other veggies.

A fellow student

Is it me or the zucchini teleport themselves from the bottom to the top floor of the oven ... ;-)