Culinary Arts

Baking: Beets

Thomas Keller

Lesson time 11:32 min

Chef Keller’s technique for beets involves baking to avoid diluting the flavor and color of the main ingredients.

Thomas Keller
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I've been cooking for over 5 decades now. I've also attended more than a few classes so I am happy to be able to say I learned a couple of things. Thank you!

Loved his encouraging words and his passion for the art of cooking. I am excited to learn something new!

Great info, learned a lot. I wish he had addressed proteins, but maybe that's a topic for another class.

one of the best cooking series I have ever watched


A fellow student

So I’ve never made beets. Is this something that can be made in advance then reheated or do you serve it cold?

Deina D.

I'm loving all of these lessons but haven't been able to download any of them (MacBook Pro). Any suggestions? Deina

A fellow student

My dislike of beets goes back to my childhood, when my mother would open a can of beats, heat them and say, "Eat them, they are good for you." But, after watching this lesson, I'm going to give them a second chance, because I'm sitting here and my mouth is watering. Thanks TK

Lindy T.

I've always baked my beets, but they've never tasted quite as good as this with his simple additions to enhance their flavor. They're so beautiful, like jewels in the dish.

Diane T.

Wow! I have always boiled by beets....will definately try this process next time I am making my beets......Beets are also my favorite Veggie....thanks for all the new techniques you have taught us! Onward! Am absolutely loving this class!

Nima D.

Instead of wrapping the beets in foil and then putting the foil in the baking dish, he could have skipped the foil altogether and placed the beets straight in the baking dish. These baking dishes have lids. Those lids would capture the moisture just as well as the foil.

Radhika B.

Loved the shallot chopping technique. The baked beet truly tastes so full of flavor. I will never boil it again.


i never knew beets could be boiled, i have always roasted them in foil to which i then add into a jar and fill with pickling solution. Great to see beets paired with shallot and chives, i would never have thought of that combination.

Charlie M.

Did this one over the weekend. Great result. Wonderful colors and just the right amount of resistance to the tooth. Served them up warm, subbed chives w parsley because the chives in my area are not great quality right now. Forgot to take a picture of the plated produce, but this is them roasted and peeled. Lots left over, so I'll be making beet salads all week.

Joyce Kidd

As a child I didn't like beets so my dad would tell me that beets make you pretty. It didn't help -- and they didn't -- but now I love them. Will definitely try baking them and adding the garnishes Chef Keller used. Sure wish I had his knife skills!